SlidingSusan Measuring and Installation Instructions

Measuring Instructions

  • Measure the clear opening of your cabinet (see note below).
  • Measure the inside depth of your cabinet (from back to front).
To choose the best SlidingSusan® size for your cabinet, allow an additional 1” for the depth. (For example, a 21” depth Original SlidingSusan® requires 21.5” or more in cabinet depth.)
If ordering taller SlidingSusan® products, such as Trash units, Plastic-Ware, Cookie Sheet, Single or Double Caddy: Measure the inside height of your cabinet (from top to bottom). Allow a minimum of 1920.  For all other SlidingSusan® products, a minimum height of 4” is required.
  • The dimension you need is the "clear opening" of the cabinet. This is the distance from one face frame to the opposing face frame minus any reduction for hinges or door overlap where the shelf will be installed. Make sure your door opens at least 90 degrees so the shelf can clear them when you slide it out. The size of the lower shelf is often smaller than the upper shelf as the hinge does not interfere with the upper shelf.  With European style or "frameless" cabinets, these measurements are on the inside of the cabinet and hinges are mounted to the side walls of the cabinet interior.
  • Measure the width between hinges if the installation is to be at a hinge location.

Installation Instructions

Step One:
Place SlidingSusan® on a counter or tabletop, using a towel or cloth for surface protection. Slide the drawer open, reach underneath the drawer, and squeeze orange locking clips to release. Separate the Drawer Unit from the Base Unit.
Step Two:
Align the front of the Base Unit with the front edge of your cupboard, making sure it is straight. Using the predrilled holes, tighten down the base with the screws provided.
Step Three:
Place the Drawer Unit on the Base Unit, aligning the notches with the metal guides. Slide the drawer back until you hear a click. Done!
Note: When installing a SlidingSusan® on an adjustable shelf, locking shelf clips are required to prevent tipping. These may be purchased on our website or by phone.  You may also install a screw or small block/bracket to prevent tipping.