Torino Cabinet Wire Pull

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Product Description

Torino Cabinet Wire Pull

This classic wire pull from the Torino collection provides utilitarian function and modern charisma for both commercial or home applications. The addition of this pull collection from Elements is available in five sizes and six finishes, and creates a contemporary feel with classic style. Each item is individually wrapped to protect the item from damage. Attachment hardware is included.

Finish Options 3" Center To Center 3 1/2" Center To Center 3 3/4" (96mm) Center To Center 4" Center To Center 5 1/16" (128mm) Center To Center
Aluminum A271-3AL A271-3.5AL A271-96AL A271-4AL N/A
Brushed Chrome Plated Steel S271-3BC S271-3.5BC S271-96BC S271-4BC S271-128BC
Brushed Oil Rubbed Bronze Plated Steel S271-3DBAC S271-3.5DBAC S271-96DBAC S271-4DBAC S271-128DBAC
Matte Black Plated Steel S271-3MB S271-3.5MB S271-96MB S271-4MB S271-128MB
Polished Brass Plated Steel S271-3PB S271-3.5PB S271-96PB S271-4PB S271-128PB
Polished Chrome Plated Steel S271-3PC S271-3.5PC S271-96PC S271-4PC S271-128PC
Satin Nickel Plated Steel S271-3SN S271-3.5SN S271-96SN S271-4SN S271-128SN
Stainless Steel K271-3SS K271-3.5SS K271-96SS K271-4SS N/A

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