Omega National Hoffco Tambour Track Parts

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Product Description

Omega National Hoffco Tambour Track Parts

PVC surface mount track and corners.  Combine NPT48 straight sections with NPC51 corners to accomodate most any size tambour door of 3/16" thickness.  Surface mounts with 3/8" staples or pan head screws.


Tambour Track


Straight Tambour Track (NPT48)

48" length

Corner Tambour Track (NPC51)

Sold as pairs

Tambour Track Features

  • Designed for surface mount
  • Mounts with staples or pan head screws
  • Available in black only
  • Works with Flat Slat w/ Bevel Tambour door
  • NPC51 corner tracks sold as pairs
  • Made in the USA


Model: NPT48, NPC51