Quik-Shelf Standard Sized Solid Wood Pullout Shelves

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Product Description
"Quik-Shelf" Pullout Shelf Kit
Comes Complete With Premium Solid Wood Pullout/Rollout Shelf AND Full Extension, Soft-Closing, Self-Closing, Concealed Undermount Drawer Slides!!

Quik-Shelf Single Pullout Shelf

The "Quik-Shelf "Complete Kit Features:

  • Installs In Minutes With Just (4) Screws (Included)

  • Solid Wood Birch Or Maple Pullout/Rollout Shelf

  • Scoop Cut "Galley" Handle

  • Dovetail Joints On All Four Corners

  • UV Cured Clear Finish

  • 100lb Capacity, Full Extension Concealed Undermount Slides

  • Concealed Undermount Soft-Closing, Self-Closing Slides Can Be Mounted To The Shelf Or Face Frame And/Or Cabinet Walls

  • Undermount Slide Locking Device Pre-Installed On Pullout/Rollout

  • (2) Pullout/Rollout Shelf Door Bumpers

  • Option Of 1/4" Or 1/2" Thick Bottom

  • Enjoy The Security Of Our Limited Lifetime Warranty On Pullout/Rollout & Hardware

Ordering Instructions

Available Heights: 3 1/2", 4", 6", 8", 10" or 11"
Available Widths: 12", 14", 16", 18", 20", 22" & 24"

Available Depths: 15", 18", 21" & 24" (Requires 1" Additional For Installation)

To Order Your "Quik-Shelf":

  • Select Solid Birch Or Hard Maple For Your Pullout/Rollout Material

  • Select The Height Of Your "Quik-Shelf"

  • Measure The Width Of Your "Clear Opening" At Your Pullout/Rollout Intended Location.

    • ***"Clear Opening"*** Is The Measurement From Frame To Hinge, Hinge To Hinge Or Frame To Frame, Based On Your Rollout's Intended Location.

  • Select The Width Closest To The "Clear Opening" Measurement, Without Going Over. This Will Be The Width Of Your Assembled "Quik-Shelf" Kit.

  • Select The Depth Of Your "Quik-Shelf".  Installation Will Require One Additional Inch Beyond The Length Of The Unit.

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Quik-Shelf pullout single shelf

Tools For Ordering & Installation

Tools and materials for ordering and installing the Quik-Shelf pullout shelf
Double Stick Foam Tape, Pencil, Measuring Tape, Screw Driver Or Drill

The Quik-Shelf Single Pullout Kit may be installed directly to a shelf or to your cabinet face frame or walls.  Be sure to include the rear mounting bracket if you are mounting from face frame to rear wall

Tips for installing the Quik-Shelf Pullout Single Shelf Unit

One of the "delicate" steps of installation of a pullout shelf using shelf mount slides or brackets is sliding the pullout/drawer unit forward to expose the screw holes in the slides or in the brackets, depending on what hardware you are using.

The pictures below show how to use double stick tape to solve the problem of trying to pull the pullout/drawer forward without moving the slides or the mounting brackets.

13/16" wide double stick foam tape Bottom view of undermount, concealed slides Rear end, bottom of undermount, concealed slides
Double Stick Foam Tape Bottom View of Undermount Slides Bottom View, Rear End of Undermount Slide
Front end, bottom of undermount, concealed slides Place small piece of tape over the screw holes Place small piece of tape over the screw holes
Bottom View, Front End of Undermount Slide Place Tape Over Rear Screw Holes Place Tape Over Front Screw Holes
Remove paper backing exposing the adhesive Remove paper backing exposing the adhesive Place Quik-Shelf in position
Remove Paper To Expose Adhesive Remove Paper To Expose Adhesive Place Unit In Position On Cabinet Shelf
Slide Quik-Shelf forward to expose screw holes and install 4 screws
Slide Unit Carefully Forward, Exposing Screw Holes & Install 4 Screws

Note:  The slides should be installed on the pullout shelf before you set and press into position on your cabinet shelf.

Model: QS.wood.300