A Special Door Order For C Schulz

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Special Order For C Schulz

Custom Doors

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Cabinet Door Order Details:

Exterior Material and Finish:

Door Style: CRP-10        Material: MDF     Finish Category: Unfinished          Finish Color: N/A         Glaze Color: N/A     Topcoat Sheen: N/A

Custom Stile & Rail Width: N/A              Hinge Boring: "A" W/ Dowel Holes

Edge Profiles
Frame Bead = Ogee Frame Edge = C-2 Center Panel Raise = Short Presidential (P125)
Frosty White
# Area Item QTY Width Height Notes
Line 1 N/A Doors 1 8" 28" N/A
Line 2 N/A Doors 2 11 5/8" 28" N/A
Line 3 N/A Doors 1 14 1/2" 28" N/A
Line 4 N/A Doors 2 17 5/8" 28" N/A
Line 5 N/A Doors 2 14 5/8" 13" N/A
Line 6 N/A Doors 2 17 5/8" 10 1/2" N/A

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