Deep Drawer & Pullout Shelf Divider Kit - 5-3/16"

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Product Description

Custom Deep Drawer Divider Kits

QuikTRAY standard dividers
(Can be cut to fit into any pattern)

By adding dividers to your drawers, flexibility knows no limits. Each of these dividers (Standard or Deep Drawer) increases the types of things your can store. The Standard Divider is 2-7/16” tall and the Deep Drawer Divider is 5-3/16" tall.  Both can be used to divide the drawer space for better arrangement and flow. These dividers are constructed from Prefinished, Edge-banded, genuine Baltic Birch Furniture Grade Plywood and are ordered cut to length (1/4" increments only).

Essentials for Using QuikDrawers Deep Drawer Divider Kit

  • Order dividers cut to 1/4" increments in the size ranges above
  • All dividers are trimmable in height and length
  • Dividers are stackable to a wide range of drawer heights
  • Dividers are ½" edge banded genuine Baltic Birch furniture grade plywood with clear coat finish
  • Minimum drawer exterior height to completely conceal is 6" inches (with ½" recess and ¼" bottom)

QuikTRAY standard dividers part
Each divider panel is edge-banded, 9-layer Birch Ply and can be cut to fit
QuikDrawers drawer and pullout shelf divider clips
Divider clip for 1/2" thick divider stock

Deep Drawer Divider Kit Contents
Model Contents
QDD2 Standard Divider Kit 2 (2 x Deep Drawer Dividers, 4 x Divider Clip, 8 x Screws (Length x 5.1875")

Tools you may need to complete your project

QuikTRAY standard dividers part

Model: QDD5.sgl
Sold per pkg/2

Lead time approximately 8-10 work days