CWS Custom Door/Drawer Front Framing Widths

Important General Information About Custom Doors & Drawer Fronts:

  • Framing Widths For All Custom Designed Doors & Drawer Fronts
    • Cabinet Doors = 2  1/4" Stiles (Vertical Frame Pieces) & 2  1/4" Rails (Horizontal Frame Pieces)
    • Cabinet Drawer Fronts = 2  1/4" Stiles (Vertical Frame Pieces) & 1  1/2" Rails (Horizontal Frame Pieces)
      • If You Need Custom Frame Component Widths, Please Let Us Know By Emailing Us At (
  • Your Chosen "Center Panel Raise" Will Determine The Minimum Height & Width Of Your Design (See Step 4 Below)
    • Please Pay Close Attention To The Door & Drawer Front Minimum Dimensions Shown BELOW For Each Center Panel Raise Option.  If Pieces Are Ordered Below The Minimum Required It Will Create Delays In The Production Of Your Order.
      • If You Need A Door Or Drawer Front That Is Below The Minimums For Your Design, You May Need To Use The "Slab" Style.  This Is Very Common With Drawer Fronts.