Omega National Frameless Tambour Door & Track Set

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Product Description

Omega National Frameless Tambour Door & Track Set

Solid wood tambour door set for frameless applications.

Includes quality solid wood tambour door with hand pull and spring tension tambour track system.  Track system consists of two PVC guide rails, wood dowel, donut and tension ring.

Product Dimensions

Available Sizes/Species Tambour Door Width Tambour Door Height Track System Height
15" Hickory/Maple/Oak 15" 18" 18"
24" Hickory/Maple/Oak 24" 18" 18"
30" Hickory/Maple/Oak 30" 18" 18"


  • Ready to finish
  • Available in Hickory, Maple and Red Oak
  • Smooth, non-binding operation
  • Designed for frameless cabinet application
  • Designed to recess mount in end panels
  • 3/4" slats
  • Made in the USA

Model: NPSW30 ** **