Thermofoil ALL Whites Sample Swatch Deck

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Thermofoil Whites Sample Swatch Deck
$29.00 Deposit Refunded Upon Return, Pay Only Shipping/Handling!

We Will Mail You The Sample Deck, You Just Have To Return It In Same Condition Within 14 Days Of Receipt For A Refund.

Included In "All Whites" Thermofoil Swatch Deck
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Alpine Thermofoil Swatch


Glacier White Thermofoil Swatch

Glacier White

Ontario White Thermofoil Swatch

Ontario White

Satin X Thermofoil Swatch

Satin X

Snow White Thermofoil Swatch

Snow White

Stratus SuperMatte Thermofoil Swatch


Ultra White T-PK Thermofoil Swatch

Ultra White T-PK

White SmartMatte Thermofoil Swatch


White Satin Thermofoil Swatch

White Satin

White Gloss Thermofoil Swatch

White Gloss

White Oak Melinga Thermofoil Swatch

White Oak Melinga

Oyster Bay Thermofoil Swatch

Oyster Bay

Winter Fun Thermofoil Swatch

Winter Fun

Swiss Elm Skye Thermofoil Swatch

Swiss Elm Skye

Calcutta Warm Thermofoil Swatch

Calcutta Warm

White Chocolate Thermofoil Swatch

White Chocolate

Antique Gloss Thermofoil Swatch

Antique Gloss


Antique Satin Thermofoil Swatch

Antique Satin


Antique White Thermofoil Swatch

Antique White



*SuperMatte- low sheen, smoother finish

**SmartMatte- anti-fingerprint, silky-soft finish, heals micro-scratches (use magic eraser)


Components manufactured by Northern Contours are warranted against defects occurring in the material or manufacturing process under normal use for 5 (FIVE) years from the date of original purchase. Complete warranty certificate information is available at or can be obtained by contacting Customer Service at 877-998-1814.
Products manufactured outside our normal specifications are not covered by our warranty. Products are not warranted if exposed to excessive heat. Proper installation of heat shields between components and ovens or between components and lighting that generates high temperatures is recommended.
Warranty covers repair or replacement of product only. Northern Contours' liability will not exceed the invoiced amount of the product.
Remove the protective peel coat from product promptly after installation. Exposure to sun will make the peel coat difficult to remove. Adhesive residue can be cleaned with mineral spirits.
Our manufacturing tolerance is ±1/32" or 1 mm. Warp specification is 1.5 mm per lineal foot. Warp is measured with the door on the cabinet with hinges fully adjusted. We recommend storing all raw components in a temperature-controlled environment upon delivery.
Wood veneer variations in color and grain pattern are natural characteristics of wood and are not considered defects; therefore they are not covered under warranty.