Polyethylene Shaker Cabinet Doors & Drawer Fronts

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Product Description

Starboard ST Interior/Exterior Shaker Cabinet Doors & Drawer Fronts

Just The Answer For Patios, Outdoor Kitchens & For Marine Use

The Last Outdoor Cabinet Doors & Drawer Fronts You Ever Have To Buy!!

And Only $94.54 Per Square Foot!!
**Minimum (1 1/2) SqFt Charge**

Current Production Lead Time: 12 - 14 Weeks

Brutal Sun* & Rain Are No Match For Polyethylene Doors & Drawer Fronts & There’s No Need To Worry About Fading, Yellowing, Staining Or Panel Warping* Like With Wood Products.
(*Extended hours of direct sunlight is NOT recommended and VOIDS manufacturer warranty*)

The Newest Outdoor Material, That All Builders & Designers Need To Know About.  Polyethylene, A Marine-Grade Polymer (HDPE), Well-Known For Its Regular Use In The Boating & Pool Industries Is A Sturdy Material That Provides UV Resistance & A High Degree Of Durability, Making It Ideal For Commercial & Medical Applications, As Well As Residential Use!

Key Material Benefits of Marine Starboard:

  • Excellent Scratch Resistance

  • Great Impact & Stiffness

  • Weatherability (UV stabilized)

  • Will NOT Delaminate, Chip, Rot, Or Swell

  • NO Moisture Absorption

  • Textured Finish

  • Easy To Clean

  • FDA, USDA & RoHS approved with UV Additive

Polyethylene 3/4" Thick Doors Are Primarily Intended For Exterior Use, But Also Function Well In Commercial, Institutional Or Medical Environments. This Special, High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Material Is Extremely Durable & Scratch/Stain Resistant. It Also Resists Fading Or Discoloration That Most Other Materials Experience When Exposed To Direct Sunlight*, High Temperatures & High Humidity Conditions For Prolonged Periods. Our Polyethylene Doors Are Tough, Beautiful & Can Be Cleaned With Diluted Bleach, Soft Scrub®, Alcohol, Mineral Spirits Or Even Pressure Washed Without Damaging The Surface.
(*Extended hours of direct sunlight is NOT recommended and VOIDS manufacturer warranty*)

 Step 1:

Select Your Door/Drawer Front Style

Minimums & Maximums

Minimum Height And/Or Width - 6"

Maximum Height And/Or Width - 95 15/16"

(Shown in White)

Shaker Outer Edge Options







Step 2:

Select Your Color


Seafoam (Off White)


Dolphin Gray

Slate Gray


Charcoal Gray


Mocha Brown




Step 3:

Hinge Boring
The Manufacturer Of The Polyethylene Doors & Drawer Fronts Does NOT Bore Doors For Concealed Hinges.
Options For Boring Your Doors For Concealed Hinges Are Below
Option 1:

"Include Hinge Boring Jig Kit"

Select "Yes"

Kit Includes:

(1) Kreg Hinge Boring Template, (1) Drill Guide, (1) 35mm Carbide-Tipped Forstner Bit, (1) Stop Collar w/Hex Wrench, (1) 1/16" Drill Bit, (2) Ratchet Clamps & The Kreg Hinge Boring Jig Owners Manual

Polyethylene Door Orders of $500.00 Or More Will Receive A KREG Concealed Hinge Boring Kit Free Of Charge So That You Can Bore Your Doors For Concealed Style Cabinet Door Hinges.

Door Orders Of $499.99 Or Less Will Receive A PayPal Invoice For $56.00 For The Purchase Of The Hinge Boring Jig Kit.

Option 2:

"Include Hinge Boring Jig"

Select "No"

Most Times You Can Have Your Local Cabinet Company Bore Concealed Hinge Cups In Your Doors For A Small Fee.  In Our Experience, The Cost Will Range Between $10 - $20 Per Door.  We Recommend, Prior To Placing Your Order, You Call Around To Your Local Cabinet Shops For A Quote For Hinge Boring.  That Way You Can Understand Your "All In" Cost For Your Project.

Special Handling Charges For Oversize Products

Shipping Companies Do Charge Extra For "Oversize" Packages Or Packages That Exceed Certain Lengths Or Other Measurements.

If Your Product Is Going To Incur Additional Charges, We Will Get A Shipping Quote Prior To Finalizing Your Order.  The Shipping Shown On Your Order May Or May Not Include These "Oversize" Charges.  We Will Notify You Prior To Placing Your Order In Production.

FedEx Oversize Packages

Packages That Weigh 150 Pounds Or Less & Exceed 108 Inches In Length Or 130 Inches In "Girth" ((2 x width) + (2 x height)) Are Considered “Oversize” PackagesOversize Packages Are Rated Based On The Greater Of The Package's Actual Rounded Weight Or Dimensional Weight. All Oversize Packages Will Have A Minimum Billable Weight Of 90 Pounds In Addition To Any Oversize Package Surcharge(s).  As of 2020, This Surcharge Will Be $120 Per Oversize Package.

Fedex Peak Oversize Package Surcharge

During Peak Shipping Season (10/21/xx until 1/5/xx), Any Package Shipped During This Period Will Incur An Additional "Peak Oversize" Charge Of $37.50 Per Oversize Package.

UPS Oversize Packages

A Large Package Surcharge Will Be Applied To Each UPS Package When Its Length Plus "Girth" ((2 x width) + (2 x height)) Combined Exceeds 130 Inches, But Does Not Exceed The Maximum UPS Size Of 165 Inches. Large Packages Are Subject To A Minimum Billable Weight Of 90 Pounds In Addition To Any Oversize Package Surcharge(s).  As Of 2020, This Surcharge Will Be $115 Per Oversize Package.

Address Changes For FedEx & UPS

Both FedEx & UPS Charge For Address Changes & Corrections.  The Charge For An Address Change Is A Minimum Of $16.00 As Of 1/1/2019.  Please Check Your Shipping Address On Your Order Confirmation To Insure That It Is Correct.  The Cabinet Guy/QuikDrawers Is NOT Responsible For Incorrect Addresses.

If You Have Any Specific Questions, Let Us Know Or Refer Directly To The Carrier Websites For More Information.