Conestoga Face Frame Specifications

Face Frame Specifications:

  • Double Dowel Construction On Standard Width Framing
  • Material Will Be Standard Grade Unless Otherwise Noted.  Premium Grade Available, Upcharges Apply
  • Standard Framing Width Is 1 1/2"; Additional Widths Available, Upcharge Applies
  • 3/4" Framing Thickness Standard
  • Minimum Framing Width 3/4"; 15/16" For Face Frames With An Edge Profile
  • Material Surfaced On Four (4) Sides
  • Assembled Frames Sanded On Front & Back With 220 Grit Sandpaper
  • Maximum Front Frame Sizes Are 120" In One Direction & 48" In The Other Direction.
    • Example:  A Face Frame Can Be Ordered 48" x 120" Or 120" x 48", But NOT 120" x 120"
  • Framing Wider Than 4 1/2" May Have One Glue Joint.  Framing Wider Than 6 1/2" May Have Two Glue Joints

Face Frame Tolerances:

  • A Tolerance Of (+/-) 1/32" Is Considered Acceptable On Face Frame Exterior & Interior Opening Dimensions
  • A Tolerance Of (+/-) 1/16" Out Of Square Is Considered Acceptable On All Face Frames
  • 1/32" Offset On Frame Back At Any Joint Is Considered Acceptable
  • 1/64" Offset On At Any Exterior Joint On The Outside Perimeter Is Considered Acceptable

(Your Product Will Not Be Submitted To The Production Queue Until A CAD Drawing Is Produced By & The CAD Drawing Approved By You, The Customer. This Process Will Normally Be Completed Within One Business Day.)