One Opening Face Frame Designs

One Opening Face Frame Designs
The Illustrations Below Represent Typical Cabinet Layouts For The Number Of Openings.
You Are Not Limited To The Configurations Shown Below.  You May Submit ANY Layout With One To Eight (1 - 8) Openings By Clicking HERE.
We Will Reply ASAP With A Quote For Your Custom Face Frame.  Special Designs May Take Up To 48 Hours To Quote.
Please See Below For Required Information And Special Notes.
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CF-01001 Face Frame
CF-01002 Face Frame
CF-01003 Face Frame
CF-01004 Face Frame
CF-01005 Face Frame
How To Order
  • Always Provide The OVERALL Height & WIdth Of The Face Frame.
  • For Custom Size Stiles & Rails See Below
  • Miscalculation Of Frame Dimensions May Delay Processing The Order For Production
    • It Is Recommended That You Print Out Our Illustrations Or Sketch Out Your Frame To Plan Your Dimensions

Stiles & Rails/Frame Pieces

  • Stiles Run Vertically & Rails Run Horizontally
  • Ordering Custom Width Face Frame Stiles & Rails/Frame Pieces:
    • Each Stile & Rail/Framing Piece Is Designated With "A", "B", "C", "D", Etc..  If You Need To Change From The Standard 1 1/2" Framing Width, Simply Specify Which Piece (A, B, C, Etc), In The Dropdowns Above.  You Will First Select The Piece's "Width Range" Then Immediately Below Provide The "ACTUAL Piece Width" (1/16" Increments ONLY)
  • Standard Framing Widths Are 1½".  Custom Widths Are Available (Upcharge Applies). Each Non-Standard Stile Or Rail Will Be Charged Individually.
  • You Can Assign Multiple Widths Within The Same Front Face Frame.
    • Example: You Can Have A Top Rail That Is 3" Wide & The Bottom Rail Remains The Standard 1½" Width.  You Can Have One Of The Side Stiles 2¼" Wide & The Other ¾” Wide.  Any Combination Will Work!
  • Minimum Framing Width: 3/4"
  • Maximum Framing Width: 14 15/16”
    • Framing Wider Than 4½" May Have One Glue Joint. Framing Wider Than 6½" May Have Two Glue Joints
  • Maximum Frame Size Available Is 96" x 48" In Either Direction (Height x Width Or Width x Height). NO EXCEPTIONS
  • Standard Framing Thickness Is 3/4"
  • Assembled Face Frames Are Sanded, Front & Back With 220 Grit Sand Paper.
  • Wood Species Material Is Charged By The Linear Inches Of The Face Frame's Perimeter
  • Minimum Species Material Charge Is 72 Linear Inches.