Pride Industrial HEAVY DUTY Undermount Drawer Slides

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Product Description
Pride Industrial 9903 Series With Soft Close


HEAVY DUTY Concealed Full Extension Soft-Close Undermount
Mounting: Undermount, For Frame Or Frameless Construction
Height: 1 7⁄8" (Includes Dampener)
Load Rating: 132-Pound Class Dynamic
Travel: Full Extension
  • Zinc Plated Finish
  • Available For Drawer Thicknesses: 1/2" & 5/8" Drawer Side Material
  • Minimum Interior Depth = 7/8" Plus Drawer Length
  • Minimum Drawer Width = 7"
  • Easy Drawer Removal With Front Release Levers
Locking Devices Included (PR9903 CLIPS)
- Height Adjustment: ~+3mm
- Side To Side Adjustment: ~+/-1.5mm
- In & Out Adjustment: ~+3.5mm
  • Meets ANSI/KCMA Standards
  • Optional Rear Mounting Brackets (ONLY WORKS WITH 18" & 21" MODELS) (Sold Separately)
Locking Clip Adjustment Ranges
Locking Clips Are INCLUDED To Attach The Slides To The Drawer Box
Model Up/Down Side to Side In/Out
(6-Way Adjustment)
~+ 1/8" (3mm) ~+/- 3/32" (1.5mm) ~+ 5/32" (3.5mm)
Rear Mounting Brackets
For 18" & 21" Models ONLY

Use Rear Mounting Brackets When You Are NOT Able To Mount Slides To The Interior Side Panels Or To The Cabinet Bottom/Shelf

Metal Rear Mounting Brackets
Drawer Sizing

Sizing Drawer Boxes Is The Same As It Is For Most Popular Concealed Undermout Drawer Slides

If drawer stock is 1/2" thick, subtract 5/8" from the opening width for drawer box width

If drawer stock is 5/8" thick, subtract 3/8" from the opening width for drawer box width

Minimum drawer width 7" with 1/2" or 5/8" thick sides

All drawer boxes should allow minimum difference of 3/4" for drawer box height

Sold as pairs
Rear mounting brackets may be added in dropdown above
Mounting screws included

Download Mounting Instructions for 1/2" & 5/8" thick drawers here