Pride Industrial Undermount Drawer Slides With Soft Close

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Product Description
Pride Industrial 8034 Series With Soft Close


Concealed Full Extension Soft-Close Undermount
Mounting: Undermount, For Frame Or Frameless Construction
Height: 1 7⁄8" (Includes Dampener)
Load Rating: 75-Pound Class Dynamic
Travel: Full Extension
  • Zinc Plated Finish
  • Available For Drawer Thicknesses: Up to 3/4" Drawer Side Material
  • Minimum Drawer Width = 7"
  • Easy Drawer Removal With Front Release Levers
  • Locking Devices Included
- Height adjustment: ~+3mm
  • Meets ANSI/KCMA standards
  • Optional Rear Mounting Brackets (Sold Separately)
Locking Clip Adjustment Ranges
Locking Clips Are INCLUDED To Attach The Slides To The Drawer Box
Model Up/Down Side to Side In/Out
(Standard 2-Way Adjustment)
+ 1/8" (3mm) N/A N/A
Rear Mounting Brackets
Use Rear Mounting Brackets When You Are NOT Able To Mount Slides To The Interior Side Panels Or To The Cabinet Bottom/Shelf
Standard Metal Rear Mounting Brackets
(Standard Bracket)
Drawer Sizing

Sizing Drawer Boxes Is The Same As It Is For Most Popular Concealed Undermout Drawer Slides

If drawer stock is 1/2" thick, subtract 5/8" from the opening width for drawer box width

If drawer stock is 5/8" thick, subtract 3/8" from the opening width for drawer box width

Minimum drawer width 8" with 1/2" or 5/8" thick sides

All drawer boxes should allow minimum difference of 3/4" for drawer box height

Sold as pairs
Locking clips may be added in dropdown above
Rear mounting brackets may be added in dropdown above
Mounting screws may be added in dropdown above

Download Mounting Instructions for 1/2" & 5/8" thick drawers here