"QuikSlide" Solid Wood Sliding Shelf Kit

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Product Description

"QuikSlide" Drawer Box Or Rollout Shelf Kit

Enjoy The Beauty & Durability Of Solid Wood "QuikSlide" Kits For Standard Drawer Boxes Or Rollout Shelves

Current Production Lead Time For All Drawer Boxes/Rollouts 6 - 9 Business Days

(*Free Shipping At $1000 Or More & **Half Price Shipping At $750 Or More, On Orders Of These Solid Wood Drawers Or Rollouts.  Any Combination Of Size, Type, Or Species)
The Actual Price Per Drawer Box/Rollout Will Be Shown In Your Cart And Is Based On Size, Type, Wood Species & Options Selected
**These Are Custom Built Drawer Boxes/Rollouts & Cannot Be Returned For Refund Or Exchange**

Drawer & Slide Combinations That "Ticks All The Boxes" At An Incredible Price.

Each Kit Includes:

  • (1) Solid Wood, Assembled, UV Cured Clear-Coat Drawer Box Or Rollout Shelf
  • (1) Pair Of Vitus Full Extension Ball Bearing Slides, Standard Or Soft-Close
  • (1) Package Of Drawer Slide Mounting Screws
  • (1) Package Of Mounting Hardware (Optional)
  • (2) Rollout Door Bumpers (With Rollout Or Highback Rollout Only)

Drawer Box/Rollout Shelf Features:

  • 5 Different Beautiful Solid Wood Species Options (See "Step 1" Below For More Information)
  • Dovetail Construction
  • UV Cured Clear Coat Finish
  • "Scoop Cut" Handpull (With Rollout Or Highback Rollout Only)
  • Furniture Grade Materials
  • 1/4" Or 1/2" Thick Plywood Bottom Panels
  • Shipped Assembled & Ready For Installation

Full Extension Drawer Slide Features:

  • 100 Lbs Load Rating (All Models)
  • Smooth Forward & Backward Action
  • Standard/Manual Closing Or Soft Closing Options
    • Rubber "Hold In" Detent (Standard/Manual Close Models)
    • Soft Close Feature Slowly Draws The Drawer Closed For Final 2" Of Closure (Soft Close Models)
  • Multiple Installation Method/Hardware Options (See "Step 4" Below For More Information)
  • Cold Rolled Steel With Zinc Finish

Select Your Drawer Box/Rollout Wood Species
Drawer Box Wood Species Options
Rustic White Birch:   )
  • Similar To White Birch But Has More Pronounced Color Variations, Knots, Or Other Natural Imperfections
  • Rustic White Birch Offers A More Rustic Aesthetic In Cabinetry & Furniture
White Birch:   )
  • A Blend Of Light, Creamy White Hues & Brownish Natural Streaks & Swirls In The Grain Pattern
  • White Birch Is Very Often Used In Cabinetry And Furniture
Rubberwood:   )
  • Light To Medium Brownish Red With A Yellowish Hue With A Blend Of Short "Speckled" & Long Flowing Grain Patterns
  • Frequently Used For Furniture & Cabinetry, Especially In Parts Of The World Where It Is Abundant
Aspen:   )
  • Light In Color, With Shades Ranging From White To Pale Yellow Generally With A Long, Straighter, Fine & Flowing Grain Pattern
  • Aspen Is A Softer Wood Species & Can Be A Little More Susceptible To Dents & Dings
  • Often Used For Furniture, Cabinetry, & Millwork Where A Light, Airy Appearance Is Desired
Hard Maple:   )
  • Light To Medium Blondish-Brown, Sometimes With A Golden Hue With Fine, Straight & Wavy Grain Pattern
  • One Of The Hardest & Most Durable Wood Species Available
  • Highly Sought After For High-Quality Cabinets, Furniture, & Flooring
All Material Used Is "Standard Grade" & Will Consist Of Natural Colors Of The Species Selected.  Mineral, Color & Grain Variation Is Allowed & Some Finger Joints May Be Visible On Top & Bottom Edge.  ALL Wood Species Will Be Built With Wood Staves To Mitigate Warpage & Achieve Your Drawer Box/Rollout Height.

Select Your Drawer Box/Rollout Type
Standard drawer box
Standard Drawer Box
Rollout Drawer In White Birch
High back drawer box
High Back

Our Standard Drawer Box Is Perfect For New Construction Or Replacements For Missing Or Broken Drawer Boxes.

Our Rollout Drawer Is Designed For Any Storage Need With An Attractive Scoop Cut, "Galley Hand Pull".  Rollouts Can Be Used In Stacks & Under Counter Applications.
The Scoop Hand Pull Is 1"h x 5"w & Is Standard With Rollout Or High Back Rollout Drawer Boxes.
Our High Back Rollout Is Perfect For Taller "Tippy" Items & Has The Same Attractive Scoop Cut, "Galley Hand Pull" As Our Rollout Drawer.
When Ordering The High Back Drawer, The Height Of The Box You Order Is The Rear, "High Side", & Has A Minimum Of 6" Height. The Front Is 3" Regardless Of The Rear Height

Select Your Drawer Box/Rollout Bottom Panel Thickness
Plywood Drawer Box Bottoms
Dadoed Side For Bottom Panel
Stapled Bottom Panel

Choose Your Mounting Type
(The Mounting Types Referenced Below Will Work In Most Applications.  If One Of These Methods Don't Suit Your Needs, Please Give Us A Call.)
Commonly Used Installation Methods For Standard Drawer Boxes
No Brackets (Mount Direct To Side Wall/Wood Buildout)
Rear Brackets (Mount Front To Face Frame)
Buildout Blocks (Adjustable 5/8" - 1")

This Method Is Used When The Interior Side Wall Surfaces, OR Blocking, Are Flush To The Edge Of The Drawer Opening.
No Additional Installation Hardware Is Needed As The Drawer Slide Will Be Installed Directly To The Cabinet Interior Side Walls Or Buildout Blocking.
This Method Is Used In "Frameless/European" Style Cabinets And Commonly Used With "Face Frame" Style Cabinets With 200(+) Lbs Drawer Slides.

This Method Is Used With FACE FRAME Style Cabinets When The Interior Side Wall Surfaces Are NOT Flush To The Edge Of The Drawer Opening.
The Rear Mounting Bracket Clips Onto The Slide And "Telescopes" In & Out To Elongate The Slide, By Up To 2 1/4"(2.25), & Reach The Cabinet Back Panel.

If Using A 20" Slide, The Maximum Functional Length/Maximum Interior Cabinet Depth Would Be 22 1/4"(22.25").
20 + 2 1/4"(2.25) = 22 1/4"

You Will Secure The Front Of The Slide To The Inner Edge Of The Drawer Opening

This Method Is Used With FACE FRAME Style Cabinets When The Interior Side Wall Surfaces Are NOT Flush To The Edge Of The Drawer Opening AND You Cannot Install To The Cabinet Back Panel.
These Can Also Be Used With "Inset" Drawer Front Applications, Where The Drawer Front/Drawer Face Fits INSIDE The Opening, Pushing Your Drawer Slide Deeper Into The Cabinet. 

The "Miller FastBlock" Is A Simple Solution When You Have An Obstruction Preventing You From Securing Your Slides To The Cabinet Back Panel.
They Serve As Buildout Blocks That "Build Out" The Recess Behind The Face Frame, From The Edge Of Your Drawer Opening To The Interior Side Walls.  They Are Adjustable In Their Thickness From 5/8" To 1" With A Simple Screw Adjustment.

You Can Secure The Front Of The Slide To The Inner Edge Of The Drawer Opening Or With The Included "Buildout Blocks", Near The Front Of The Slide

Enter Your Drawer Box/Rollout Finished Dimensions
Drawer Boxes & Rollouts Are Built With Three Dimensional Factors
Order Your Finished/Outside/Exterior Dimensions In The Dropdowns
Drawer Box, Rollout & High Back Rollout Ordering Parameters
Dimension Minimum Maximum Increments
Height Standard Drawer Box = 2" 12"
2" Thru 12" In Whole Inch Increments
Fractional Exceptions = 2 1/2", 3 1/2" & 9 1/2"
Custom Heights Are NOT Available
Rollout Drawer Box = 2 1/2" 3" Thru 12" In Whole Inch Increments
Fractional Exceptions = 2 1/2", 3 1/2" & 9 1/2"
Custom Heights Are NOT Available
High Back Rollout = 6"
(You Are Ordering The Height Of The Rear Panel.  The Front Panel Will Be 3" High, No Matter The Rear Height)
6" Thru 12" In Whole Inch Increments
Fractional Exceptions = 9 1/2"
Custom Heights Are NOT Available
Width Standard Drawer Box = 4 1/2" 50 15/16" 1/16"
Rollout Drawer Box = 5 1/2"
High Back Rollout = 5 1/2"
Depth Standard Drawer Box = 6 1/2" 50" 1/16"
Rollout Drawer Box = 6 1/2"
High Back Rollout = 12"

How To Measure For Standard Drawer Boxes

Measure The Opening Height

Measure Your Opening Height
Measure From The Top Of The Drawer Opening To The Bottom Of The Drawer Opening

Measure The Opening Width

Measure Your Opening Width
Measure From One Side Of The Drawer Opening To The Opposite Side Of The Drawer Opening

Measure The Interior Cabinet Depth

Measure Your Cabinet Depth
Measure From The Back Wall Of The Cabinet To The Front/Face Edge Of The Cabinet
(NOTE: If You Have "Inset" Doors & Drawer Fronts(Drawer Fronts/Facing Are SMALLER Than The Opening & Fit INSIDE The Opening),  Subtract The Thickness Of Your Drawer Front/Facing From Your Cabinet Depth)

Save These Dimensions And Consider Your Slides...
Note: QuikDrawers.com Will Do Custom Widths In 1/16" Increments, However Our Depth Options Are Limited With The "QuikSlide" Kit Item.
If You Prefer A Custom Sized Depth, CLICK HERE To Visit Our "Custom Drawer Box" Products. 
Height Width  Depth

Full Extension Ball Bearing Slides Do Not Have An Influence On The Height Of The Drawer Box/Rollout

The Vertical Location Inside Of The Drawer Opening Is Determined By The Drawer Slide Installation Location

Simply Select A Drawer Box Height That Is Shorter Than Your Opening Height

Full Extension Ball Bearing Slides Require 1/2"(+)(.53125) Clearance On Each Side Of The Drawer Box/Rollout

Simple Math:

Subtract 1 1/16"(1.0625) From Your Opening Width Measurement

Drawer Opening Width = 15"
15" - 1 1/16"(1.0625) = 13 15/16"

This Will Be The Width Dimension You Will Order

With The "QuikSlide" Product, The Drawer Box Depths Are Standarized To Match The Slide Lengths

Simply Select The Drawer Box Depth That Is Closest To AND Shorter Than Your Interior Cabinet Depth

(Note: In Most Cases, The Slide Length & Drawer Box Depth Will Be Equal.  However, Any Length, Full Extension Side Mount Ball Bearing Slide, Is Compatible With Any Depth Cabinet Drawer.  The Important Thing To Consider Is That The Drawer Box Will Only Extend Outward Equal To The Length Of The Slide.)

QuikDrawers Drawer Box & Rollout Shelf Construction Standards
Some Companies Will Tell You That Dovetail Joints, Solid Wood & A UV Cured Clear Coat Finish Is Not Important...  That's Because They Can't Offer It, Especially At These Prices!
Furniture Grade Materials Dovetail Joints Plywood Bottom Panels UV Cured Clear Coat Finish
Solid Wood Sides & B-3 Grade Plywood Bottoms Offer Superior Strength & Beauty.  Our Drawer Box/Rollout Side Panels Are Assembled Using Solid Wood Staves (Strips Of Wood) To Acheive Your Desired Height.  Using Wood Staves Helps To Mitigate Any "Cupping/Warping" That A Wider Board May Be Susceptible To.  ALL Wood Species Will Be Built With Wood Staves To Mitigate Warpage & Achieve Your Drawer Box/Rollout Height. The "Dovetail" Joinery Method Has Been Around For Millenia Because It Is The Stongest, Most Durable, Joinery Method For Building Drawer Boxes And Many Other Constructions.  The Side Panels Actually "Lock" Into Each Other And Are Glued For Addtional Strength And Durability. Plywood Is The Stongest, Most Durable, Most Desirable, Material Used In Drawer Box Construction, For Bottom Panels.  Alot Of Manufacturers Use An MDF Or Masonite Panel, Wrapped In A Wood Grain Paper.  Our Plywood Bottom Panels Are Stronger, More Durable & Have A Real Wood Veneer With A UV Cured Clear Coat Finish, Which Helps To Prevent Moisture Absorption & Staining.  Our Drawer Boxes/Rollouts Are Prefinished With A UV Cured & Hardened, Satin Gloss, Clear Coat Catalyzed Varnish.  This Ensures That Your Drawer Boxes/Rollouts Are Sealed From Moisture And Ready To Perform.  The Clear Coat Is Fully Cured & Hardened When You Receive Your Order.
Every Drawer Box Or Rollout Is Branded... Your Guarantee Of Quality!
*Exception: Drawers & Rollouts Under 3" High Or With A Depth Over 24" Will Not Have A Logo*
(OEM & Trade Customers ONLY May Request "No Logo")
QuikDrawers Logo Branding
(Shown On White Birch)