Custom Painted Valances

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Product Description

Custom painted wood valance
Finished with Colourtones paints and glazes

Your valance can be shipped painted, ready to install in just 15-16 work days

Your price will be calculated based on option selections and size

The illustrations below represent typical valances.

Finished valances are sanded and finished with color coats and conversion varnish topcoat.  (see finishing specifications for details)

Our valances can also be shipped unfinished or you can choose from a wide variety of stain and glaze colors. 

Choose your valance design

Classic Arch Elegant Arch
Roman Arch Straight
Traditional Arch

Review Sizing Chart

Valance Dimensions
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Valance Dimension Chart
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Instructions for Sizing Valance Arch

  1. Review the chart picture above and you will use both the "A" dimension and the "C" dimension to size your valance.  The height is fixed at 6" on all of these valances and the chart above shows the reveal of the valance from the top of the valance to the top of the arch (2 1/2" or 3", depending on style).  The "B" dimension will be the difference between the overall length (C) minus the length of the arch (A) divided by 2.
  2. It is recommended that you find the length of the arch that you want by going across the "A" row until you come to the length of the arch that comes closest to your design dimensions.
  3. Go down the "C" Rows until you get to the overall length that you want for the valance.  This may be longer than your opening so that you can trim the ends to length.

Example #1:  There is a space of 50" and if you look across and find the 50" width in the "C" rows, you will see that this will produce an arch of 42" by going straight up to the "A" Arch length line.  So, if you subtract the 42" from the 50" your difference is 8".  Divide the 8" by 2 and each "B" dimension will be 4".

Example #2:  There is a space of 50" and you want a valance with an arch that will cover as much of that space as possible.  Go across the "A" row to find the Arch length that is closest without exceeding your space.  In this case it is 42".  Now, go straight down to the "C" row to the lengths that are available for that length arch.  In this case, the minimum is 49" and the maximum is 60".  

Select Your Door Material

FSC Certified Paint Grade Hard Maple Cabinet Door 
Paint Grade Hard Maple

Select Your Colourtones Paint Color
Pictures below are representative of the Colourtone Paints and glaze combinations available.

Consider ordering a sample of your finish color/wood combination.

Colourtones Paint Finishes
(Click on picture for larger image)
Colourtones Antique White Colourtones Classic Burgundy Colourtones Cadet Grey Colourtones Chesapeake Colourtones Creamy Butter
Antique White Burgundy Cadet Grey Chesapeake Creamy Butter
Colourtones Creamy Butter Colourtones Designer White Colourtones Ebony Colourtones Ebony on Red Oak Colourtones Frosty White
Crystal White Designer White Ebony Ebony on Red Oak Frosty White
Colourtones Hearthstone Grey Colourtones Metropolitan Grey Colourtones Sage Colourtones Sandstone Colourtones Slate Blue
Hearthstone Grey Metropolitan Grey Sage Sandstone Slate Blue
Colourtone Paint Finishes with Glaze
(Click on picture for larger image)
Colourtones Burgundy with Coffee Glaze Colourtones Chesapeake with Caramel Glaze Colourtones Chesapeake with Coffee Glaze Colourtones Chesapeake with White Glaze Colourtones Creamy Butter with Chai Glaze
Burgundy with Coffee Chesapeake with Caramel Chesapeake with Coffee Chesapeake with White Creamy Butter with Chai
Colourtones Creamy Butter with Coffee Glaze Colourtones Creamy Butter with White Glaze Colourtones Crystal White with Caramel Glaze Colourtones Crystal White with Chai Glaze Colourtones Crystal White with Coffee Glaze
Creamy Butter with Coffee Creamy Butter with White Crystal White with Caramel Crystal White with Chai Crystal White with Coffee
Colourtones Crystal White with Oyster Glaze Colourtones Crystal White with Pewter Glaze Colourtones Designer White with Coffee Glaze Colourtones Designer White with Oyster Glaze Colourtones Designer White with Pewter Glaze
Crystal White with Oyster Crystal White with Pewter Designer White with Coffee Designer White with Oyster Designer White with Pewter
Colourtones Frosty White with Chai Glaze Colourtones Frosty White with Coffee Glaze Colourtones Frosty White with Pewter Glaze Colourtones Hearthstone Grey with Coffee Glaze Colourtones Hearthstone Grey with Pewter Glaze
Frosty White with Chai Frosty White with Coffee Frosty White with Pewter Hearthstone Grey with Coffee Hearthstone Grey with Pewter
Colourtones Sage with Coffee Glaze Colourtones Sage with Pewter Glaze Colourtones Sage with White Glaze Colourtones Sandstone with Coffee Glaze Colourtones Sandstone with Pewter Glaze
Sage with Coffee Sage with Pewter Sage with White Sandstone with Coffee Sandstone with Pewter
Colourtones Sandstone with White Glaze Colourtones Slate Blue with Coffee Glaze      
Sandstone with White Slate Blue with Coffee      

Select An Optional Glaze Color

  • Brown
  • Caramel
  • Chai
  • Coffee
  • Oyster
  • Pewter
  • Sable
  • White

Straight valance has edge options below
ALL other valances come with Machine Edge Only

B Framing Edge B-2 Framing Edge C Framing Edge C-2 Framing Edge CFP-2 Framing Edge
Rabbet 7/16" deep
3/8" high
B-2 C
Rabbet 7/16" deep
3/8" high
C-2 CFP-2
E-2 Framing Edge FEP Framing Edge FP Framing Edge H Framing Edge H-2 Framing Edge

Finished End Panel
Rabbet 11/16" deep
3/16" high

Rabbet 7/16" deep
3/8" high
J-2 Framing Edge L-034 Framing Edge L-059 Framing Edge L-061 Framing Edge L-120 Framing Edge
J-2 L-034 L-059 L-061 L-120
L-149 Framing Edge L-253 Framing Edge L-281 Framing Edge L-297 Framing Edge L-304 Framing Edge
L-149 L-253
5 degree back bevel
L-281 L-297² L-304²
L-686 Framing Edge L-772 Framing Edge L-803 Framing Edge LC-2 Framing Edge LC-2 Framing Edge
5 degree back bevel
L-772 L-803 LC-2² LC-Inset
RC-2 Framing Edge Machine Framing Edge PRS-2 Framing Edge RC-2 Framing Edge  
Machine Edge PRS-2 RC-2 V-2  
Finished end panel edge

² indicates a premium edge which will result in additional charge per door, if available

Edges displayed above are computer generated to represent the actual product as closely as possible but may not be exact.  If you are seeking an exact match, contact us for a sample.

Product Warranty Information

Information about Conestoga product and finishing warranties.

Finishing Notes

When ordering unfinished, doors should be properly prepared prior to applying any finishing products.  Be sure to read and understand the instructions provided by your finish manufacturer.  You may need to perform additional sanding to prepare your products for finishing.

Cabinet doors are your way to reflect your personal vision on the look and feel of your kitchen.  By selecting new cabinet doors for new construction or replacement cabinet doors for remodeling, you will find that your kitchen becomes your personal space in a whole new way.  Your custom cabinet doors are available in a great selection  of wood species which you will finish with your chosen stain, paint or finish. 

If you need sample kitchen doors to try in your home, you may want to buy a full size door which can be used in your project, or you may order any size you prefer. 

(Click on link or image above for measuring guide)