DuraGuard Stains & Stain Touch-Up Kits by Conestoga

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Product Description

DuraGuard Stains & Stain Touch-Up Kits by Conestoga

Packaged Finishes & Touch-Up Kits For Wiping Stains

Instruction sheets for Duraguard, Colourtones, Truetones and other finishing materials
Safety Data Sheets for all Conestoga Colourtone and Duraguard finishing materials

DuraGuard System Reference Guide
Duraguard System Overview
  • Duraguard is a complete finishing material program designed to make it easy to match Conestoga's pre-finished products, in which all the base stains, Colourtones, paints, glazes, sealers and topcoats work together to create a lasting finish on our customer's components
  • Duraguard provides raw finishing materials, step by step instructions, support products and touch up kits
Duraguard System Features
  • Access to all of Conestoga's topcoats, sealers, stains, paints, glazes and other raw materials
  • Step-by-step instructions mailed with every quart and gallon of finishing material detailing how to mix raw materials, sand the wood, apply the finish and spray the topcoat
  • We are dedicated to answering any finishing questions that our customers may have
  • Inexpensive touch up kits are available; these kits are used to hide scratches or blemishes incurred in our customers location. Our customers will find these kits are a great item to have on hand.
Duraguard System Disclaimers
  • Conestoga's finsihes are industrial in nature, unlike finishes purchased at a retail store. Although they are of higher quality than most stains, Conestoga's finishes are also more combustable, more volatile and require a greater level of expertise to apply.
  • Due to the complexities involved with any finishing process, Conestoga and The Cabinet Guy will not be liable for any damages or injuries resulting from the use of these products, even if every precaution is taken by the customer. Conestoga and The Cabinet Guy's liability is limited to the original purchase price of the finishing material.
  • In order to best match any Duraguard stain color, it is important to follow the processes outlined in our instruction documents. These instructions are found in this section of the manual. If the proper steps are not followed, the finished product may not match the finished doors that were purchased from Conestoga and The Cabinet Guy. However, please bear in mind that following these instructions will not always guarantee an exact match.
  • Due to the many variables involved in any finishing process, Conestoga and The Cabinet Guy assume no responsibility if products stained by the customer using the Duraguard system do not produce an exact match to prefinished products purchased from Conestoga and The Cabinet Guy.
  • The Duraguard Finishing System is scientifically designed so that each of the materials, from base stain to topcoat, work with one another, thereby providing a beautiful protective finish for our customer's wood products. Finishing products not sold by Conestoga may react unfavorably to the Duraguard finishing materials causing poor topcoat adhesion, discoloration or other problems.
DuraGuard Stain Color Selections
(All Stains Shown On Hard Maple Material)







Dark Roast




Harvest Gold







Washington Cherry

Touch Up Kits

Touch Up Kits Available In ALL Available Stain Color Selections Above

DuraGuard Stain Touch Up Kits Include:

(1) Stain Color Marker Pen & (1) Stain Color Gouge Filler Stick

All Stains & Finishing Products Are Non-Returnable/Non-Refundable

These items cannot be shipped air and must be shipped common ground carrier.

A Hazmat fee is assessed by the freight carrier, in addition to standard  shipping, at $48 per boxed item.  Each container requires its own box per the DOT HAZMAT policy.

Instructions For All Products...Stains, Colourtones, Duraguard

Link To Safety Data Sheets For All Conestoga Colourtone & Duraguard Finishing Materials