Unfinished Custom Sized Cabinet Face Frames - 7 Openings

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Product Description

Unfinished Custom Solid Wood Cabinet Front Face Frames

Design Your Own Cabinet Face Frames & Have Them Shipped Direct To You, Ready For Finishing
Your Front Face Frame Price Will Be Calculated Based On Option Selections & Size

Our Face Frames Can Also Be Ordered Stained Or Painted.

Select Your Face Frame Design
Seven Opening Face Frame Designs
The Illustrations Below Represent Typical Cabinet Layouts For The Number Of Openings.
You Are Not Limited To The Configurations Shown Below.  You May Submit ANY Layout With One To Eight (1 - 8) Openings By Clicking HERE.
We Will Reply ASAP With A Quote For Your Custom Face Frame.  Special Designs May Take Up To 48 Hours To Quote.
Please See Below For Required Information And Special Notes.
(Click On Any Image To Enlarge)
CF-07001 Face Frame
CF-07002 Face Frame
CF-07003 Face Frame
CF-07004 Face Frame
CF-07005 Face Frame
CF-07006 Face Frame
CF-07007 Face Frame
CF-07008 Face Frame
CF-07009 Face Frame
CF-07010 Face Frame
CF-07011 Face Frame
CF-07012 Face Frame
CF-07013 Face Frame
CF-07014 Face Frame
CF-07017 Face Frame
CF-07018 Face Frame
CF-07019 Face Frame
CF-07020 Face Frame
CF-07021 Face Frame
CF-07022 Face Frame
CF-07023 Face Frame
CF-07024 Face Frame
CF-07025 Face Frame
CF-07026 Face Frame
CF-07027 Face Frame
CF-07028 Face Frame
CF-07029 Face Frame
CF-07030 Face Frame
CF-07031 Face Frame
How To Order
  • Always Provide The OVERALL Height & WIdth Of The Face Frame.
  • Always Provide Opening Dimensions For EACH Face Frame Opening. (See Below)
  • For Custom Size Stiles & Rails See Below
  • Miscalculation Of Frame Dimensions May Delay Processing The Order For Production
    • It Is Recommended That You Print Out Our Illustrations Or Sketch Out Your Frame To Plan Your Dimensions

Frame Openings

  • Each Opening Is Designated With A Letter -- "R", "S", "T", Etc..  You Will Specify The Opening Height AND Width In The Text Box, Right Of The Menu Option, For The Appropriate Opening Letter ("Opening "X" Height & Width").  Please Input Your Dimensions As "H = x, W = x". (1/16" Increments ONLY)
    • Example: "Opening "R" Height & Width" >>> H=5 1/2", W=24 5/16"

Stiles & Rails/Frame Pieces

  • Stiles Run Vertically & Rails Run Horizontally
  • Ordering Custom Width Face Frame Stiles & Rails/Frame Pieces:
    • Each Stile & Rail/Framing Piece Is Designated With A Letter -- "A", "B", "C", "D", Etc..  If You Need To Change From The Standard 1 1/2" Framing Width, Simply Specify Which Piece (A, B, C, Etc), In The Dropdowns Above.  You Will First Select The Piece's "Width Range" Then Immediately Below Provide The "ACTUAL Piece Width" (1/16" Increments ONLY)
  • Standard Framing Widths Are 1½".  Custom Widths Are Available (Upcharge Applies). Each Non-Standard Stile Or Rail Will Be Charged Individually.
  • You Can Assign Multiple Widths Within The Same Front Face Frame.
    • Example: You Can Have A Top Rail That Is 3" Wide & The Bottom Rail Remains The Standard 1½" Width.  You Can Have One Of The Side Stiles 2¼" Wide & The Other ¾” Wide.  Any Combination Will Work!
  • Minimum Framing Width: 3/4"
  • Maximum Framing Width: 14 15/16”
    • Framing Wider Than 4½" May Have One Glue Joint. Framing Wider Than 6½" May Have Two Glue Joints
  • Maximum Frame Size Available Is 96" x 48" In Either Direction (Height x Width Or Width x Height). NO EXCEPTIONS
  • Standard Framing Thickness Is 3/4"
  • Assembled Face Frames Are Sanded, Front & Back With 220 Grit Sand Paper.
  • Wood Species Material Is Charged By The Linear Inches Of The Face Frame's Perimeter
  • Minimum Species Material Charge Is 72 Linear Inches.

Choose Your Wood Species
Face Frame Wood Species
(*) Indicates PREMIUM Material Option Available
Birch, Red
Birch, Red
Birch, White *
Birch, White
Cherry *
Hickory *
Maple, Hard *
Maple, Hard
Maple, Paint Grade
Maple, Paint Grade
Maple, Soft
Maple, Soft
Oak, Red *
Oak, Red
Oak, White *
Oak, White
Pine, Knotty
Pine, Knotty
Walnut *




Optional Face Frame Groove

Cabinet Side Panels Can Be Joined To The Face Frame With Glue & Splines, Biscuits & Glue, Pocket Screws Or Your Favorite Method.

"Advantage Groove"
Our "Advantage Groove" Offers An Opportunity To Use Our "No-Slip Splines" Or Cabinet Joining "Biscuits" For Holding Your Side Panel In Place, While You Secure The Side Panel To The Face Frame.  You Can Find Our "No-Slip Splines" HERE, Or You Can Pick Up A Can Of "Biscuits" At Your Local Hardware Store.

Face Frame With "No Groove"

Face Frame - No Grooves

Face Frame With "Advantage Groove"

Face Frame - Advantage Grooves

Face Frame Specifications:

  • Double Dowel Construction On Standard Width Framing
  • Material Will Be Standard Grade Unless Otherwise Noted.  Premium Grade Available, Upcharges Apply
  • Standard Framing Width Is 1 1/2"; Additional Widths Available, Upcharge Applies
  • 3/4" Framing Thickness Standard
  • Minimum Framing Width 3/4"; 15/16" For Face Frames With An Edge Profile
  • Material Surfaced On Four (4) Sides
  • Assembled Frames Sanded On Front & Back With 220 Grit Sandpaper
  • Maximum Front Frame Sizes Are 120" In One Direction & 48" In The Other Direction.
    • Example:  A Face Frame Can Be Ordered 48" x 120" Or 120" x 48", But NOT 120" x 120"
  • Framing Wider Than 4 1/2" May Have One Glue Joint.  Framing Wider Than 6 1/2" May Have Two Glue Joints

Face Frame Tolerances:

  • A Tolerance Of (+/-) 1/32" Is Considered Acceptable On Face Frame Exterior & Interior Opening Dimensions
  • A Tolerance Of (+/-) 1/16" Out Of Square Is Considered Acceptable On All Face Frames
  • 1/32" Offset On Frame Back At Any Joint Is Considered Acceptable
  • 1/64" Offset On At Any Exterior Joint On The Outside Perimeter Is Considered Acceptable

(Your Product Will Not Be Submitted To The Production Queue Until A CAD Drawing Is Produced By QuikDrawers.com & The CAD Drawing Approved By You, The Customer. This Process Will Normally Be Completed Within One Business Day.)

Special Packaging/Handling/Shipping Charges For Oversize Products

Oversize Packaging Charge:
Oversized Products Will Be Packaged Using Honeycomb Cardboard To Protect Against Shipping Damage.  A Product Will Be Considered Oversized If It Meets One Of The Following Criteria:

  • Dimensions Exceed 36" In Width & 36" In Length
  • Dimensions Exceed 84" In Width Or 84" In Height

Each Individual Oversized Product Will Incur A Net Charge Of $38.00 For Packaging.

Oversize Shipping Charges:

Shipping Companies Do Charge Extra For "Oversize" Packages Or Packages That Exceed Certain Lengths Or Other Measurements.

If Your Product Is Going To Incur Additional Charges, We Will Get A Shipping Quote Prior To Finalizing Your Order.  The Shipping Shown On Your Order May Or May Not Include These "Oversize" Charges.  We Will Notify You Prior To Placing Your Order In Production.

FedEx Oversize Packages

Packages That Weigh 150 Pounds Or Less & Exceed 108 Inches In Length Or 130 Inches In "Girth" ((2 x width) + (2 x height)) Are Considered “Oversize” PackagesOversize Packages Are Rated Based On The Greater Of The Package's Actual Rounded Weight Or Dimensional Weight. All Oversize Packages Will Have A Minimum Billable Weight Of 90 Pounds In Addition To Any Oversize Package Surcharge(s).  As of 2020, This Surcharge Will Be $120 Per Oversize Package.

Fedex Peak Oversize Package Surcharge

During Peak Shipping Season (10/21/xx until 1/5/xx), Any Package Shipped During This Period Will Incur An Additional "Peak Oversize" Charge Of $37.50 Per Oversize Package.

UPS Oversize Packages

A Large Package Surcharge Will Be Applied To Each UPS Package When Its Length Plus "Girth" ((2 x width) + (2 x height)) Combined Exceeds 130 Inches, But Does Not Exceed The Maximum UPS Size Of 165 Inches. Large Packages Are Subject To A Minimum Billable Weight Of 90 Pounds In Addition To Any Oversize Package Surcharge(s).  As Of 2020, This Surcharge Will Be $115 Per Oversize Package.

Incorrect Shipping Address Charges:

Address Changes For FedEx & UPS

Both FedEx & UPS Charge For Address Changes & Corrections.  The Charge For An Address Change Is A Minimum Of $16.00 As Of 1/1/2019.  Please Check Your Shipping Address On Your Order Confirmation To Insure That It Is Correct.  The Cabinet Guy/QuikDrawers Is NOT Responsible For Incorrect Addresses.

If You Have Any Specific Questions, Let Us Know Or Refer Directly To The Carrier Websites For More Information.