Colourtones Touch Up Kit

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Product Description

Individual Paint Touch Up Kits

Kit comes with a paint marker and filler stick

Select Your Colourtones Paint Color

Pictures below are representative of the Colourtone Paints available.  

Colourtones Paint Finishes
(Click on picture for larger image)
Colourtones Antique White Colourtones Arctic White Colourtones Classic Burgundy Colourtones Cadet Grey Colourtones Canyon Colourtones Chesapeake
Antique White Arctic White Burgundy* Cadet Grey Canyon Chesapeake
Colourtones Creamy Butter Colourtones Crystal White Colourtones Designer White Colourtones Ebony Colourtones Frosty White
Creamy Butter* Crystal White Designer White Ebony Fern Frosty White
Colourtones Hearthstone Grey Colourtones Heron Colourtones Marina Colourtones Metropolitan Grey Colourtones Regent
Gunsmoke Hearthstone Grey Heron Marina Metropolitan Grey Regent Blue
Colourtones Sage Colourtones Sandstone Colourtones Slate Blue      
Sage* Sandstone* Slate Blue*      

* Special price applies. Contact customer service

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