Miller FastBlock

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Product Description

The Miller FastBlock replaces the commonly used “block of wood on the side of the cabinet” most people use for mounting drawer guides. It is an adjustable drawer guide mounting system for face frame cabinets. Simply hold the FastBlock on the edge of the face frame and mount to the back of the drawer guide. You can use two FastBlocks per side to adjust drawer guides for the pull outs on European style frameless cabinets and attach slide with either a wood screw or system screws (not provided)

  • Great for mounting slides on face frame cabinets or mounting pull-outs in frameless box style cabinets
  • Adjust up and down 3/16”
  • Adjust in and out 5/8” flat to 1” extended
  • 100 lb load capacity
  • White

Sold 2 per package
Model: FastBlock