Fulterer Series FR5400 450 LB Heavy Duty Slides

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Product Description

Fulterer Heavy Full Extension 450# Class

450Lb Full Extension Fulterer Drawer Slide

  • Mounting: Side
  • Action telescopic precision movement on ball bearings
  • Cushioned stops for In and Out
  • Zinc plated cold rolled steel
  • Load rating 450-pound class
  • Height 3"
  • Clearance 3/4" plus .03" minus 0" each side
  • Non-detachable
  • Non-handed design for easy installation
  • Closed-position hold-in detent
  • Screws included
  • Note: To meet capacity, slide must be fixed to the cabinet by screw fasteners in every available hole
FR5400 specs

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Fulterer FR5400