Hanging File Bar Brackets For Aluminum File Bars

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Product Description

Hanging File Bar Brackets For 5/8" & 3/4" Aluminum File Bars

Upgrade Your Filing System With High-Quality Solid Aluminum Hanging File Bars.  These Are The Mounting Solution You Need.  Crafted From Premium Steel, These Brackets Provide Exceptional Strength & Durability.

File Drawer Folder Orientation
File Folders Parallel To The Front Of The Drawer File Folders Perpendicular To The Front Of The Drawer
Hanging File Drawer System Image Not Available
Which Brackets Do I Need?
The Bracket You Will Need Is Determined By Your Drawer Box Side Thickness And/Or File Orientation
Drawer Side Thickness For File System For Files Folders Perpendicular To The Drawer Front (Front to Back)
1/8" Thick Sides 1/2" Thick Sides 5/8" Thick Sides 3/4" Thick Sides Deep Drawer
1/8" File Bar Bracket 1/2" File Bar Bracket 5/8" File Bar Bracket 3/7" File Bar Bracket Flush Mount File Bar Bracket
For Files Folders Parallel To The Drawer Front (Side to Side)
Because Most File Drawers Will Have A Drawer Front, Parallel Files Will Not Allow For The "Wrap Around" Style Brackets
Top Mount
Top Mount File Bar Bracket
Flush Mount/Deep Drawer
Flush Mount File Bar Bracket
Screws Included With All Bracket Models When Applicable

Sold Per Pack Of (4) - Enough For (1) File Hanger System
Screws Included When Applicable

**ALUMINUM FILE BARS NOT INCLUDED** - Sold Separately > 5/8" File Bars - 3/4" File Bars