Hanging File Bar Brackets

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Product Description

Hanging File Bar Brackets

For Attaching Aluminum 5/8" Hanging File Bars

These brackets will support your aluminum hanging file bars.

Just select your style from the pulldown menu.

Your File Bar Bracket Guide

5/8" Bracket (KIKHFB.625)
This is the bracket you want if your file drawer sides are 5/8" thick

3/4" Bracket (KIKHFB.750)
This is the bracket for drawer sides that are 3/4" thick
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5/8" Bracket
Flush Mount (KIKHFB.FM)
This bracket is installed on the inside of the drawer and will fit any thickness drawer side.  This bracket is suggested for use with the 3/4" tall aluminum bar, as it can be installed lower to keep the bar flush with top of the drawer.
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Flush Mount Bracket
Top Mount (KIKHFB.TM)
This bracket will fit either 1/2" or 5/8" thick drawer sides.  (Metallic colored, not black)
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Top Mount Bracket

Use a 6 x 1/2" pan head screw for 1/2" or greater drawer side thickness (available above)
(be sure to pre-drill to prevent splitting)

Sold per pkg of 4