Heavy Duty 225 LB Slide - 209 Series

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Product Description

Vitus Heavy Duty Full Extension 220# Class

225Lb Full Extension Drawer Slide

  • 225lb, ANSI Grade 1 HD-200
  • 1" overtravel
  • Mounting type-location: Side mounted, non-handed
  • Action Telescopic Movement on Ball Bearings
  • Height 54mm
  • Clearance 3/4" ±.03" each side
  • Material: 2.2mm x 2.0mm x 2.0mm cold rolled steel
  • Finish Zinc (ZC)
  • Closed-position hold-in detent
  • Available from 16" to 30"
  • Uses 301fu2 rear mounting bracket


225 lb capacity full extension slide

Sold per pair

209fu16, 209fu18, 209fu20, 209fu22, 209fu24, 209fu26, 209fu28, 209fu30

Screws not included