QuikTRAY Rollout 2 Shelf "All N One Kit"

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Product Description

How it Works & Installation Basics

See The Video About The QuikTRAY Adustable Shelf System
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"All in One" Shelf Kit saves up to 10% over component prices!

The Standard "All in One" Shelf Kit is a complete installation of 2 adjustable 3-1/2" tall rollout/pullout shelves in one standard base cabinet opening

                                                                                                      CURRENT LEAD TIME IS APPROXIMATELY 3 WEEKS.

Standard kit includes:

  • 1 Set of QuikTRAY Rollout System support posts (pilasters).  Pilasters sets are 20" tall and are stackable and/or trimmable.
  • 2 assembled 3-1/2" tall, custom sized 5/8" solid birch rollout shelves with scoop cut handle and a clear finish (see specifications below).  Your rollout shelf width and depth sizes will be calculated based on the information you provide by submitting the QuikTRAY Worksheet below in the "How to Order" section
  • Kit color selection is for the vertical supports only (pullouts are natural wood with clear finish)
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  • Each rollout shelf features the QuikDrawers logo in inside left wall, your guarantee of quality
  • 2 Pair of full extension, ball-bearing slides with 100# capacity
  • Pullout shelf door bumpers, based on number of hinges
  • These units are stackable for tall cabinets and pantries

Rollout Shelf Upgrade Types/Sizes

  • Upgrade QuikTRAY "All in One" Rollout shelves are available in 4", 6", 8", 10" & 12" height.
  • Upgrade QuikTRAY "All in One" High Back Rollouts are available in 6", 8" and 10" heights
    •  Regardless of selected rear height, the front will always be 3" high.
Rollout box configuration High back drawer box configuration
*Standard Rollout **High Back Rollout
(see note below)
*Scoop handle is 1" x 5" and is standard with Rollout or High Back Rollout boxes.
**When ordering the high back drawer, the height of the box is the rear "high side" and has a minimum of 6". The front is 3" regardless of rear height . 

How To Order
Attention: The QuikTRAY Kits are NOT designed for use in a "closet style" pantry or enclosure with sheetrock walls.  If you have a sheetrock pantry, you will need to install wood paneling or wood "nailer" strips on your pantry walls.

  1. Order Your Kit In The Size Range That Corresponds With Your Cabinet Opening Width.  (Ex: Cabinet Opening Is 18 ½" Wide, Order The 17" To 20" Kit)

  2. Download & Review The "Measuring Instructions" For The Cabinet Type You Are Putting The QuikTRAY System In

  3. Download & Complete The "QuikTRAY Worksheets" For Your Style Of Cabinet

  4. Submit Your "QuikTRAY Worksheets" For Determination Of The Correct Size Of Your Rollout Shelves.

Select Your QuikTRAY Worksheet From These Two Cabinet Types

Single and double door with no mullion


Double door with mullion


You MUST Download, Complete & Submit The "QuikTRAY Worksheet" For Calculation Of Pullout Shelf Size & Component Requirements.
Download Worksheets!

Submit Your Worksheet(s):

  • Toll-free fax to (866) 642-9971
  • Toll-free phone to (866) 937-7429 (phone orders will require approval of size verification prior to order being placed in production)

Standard Drawer Specifications:       

  • 5/8" finger-jointed solid birch sides
  • Each standard pullout is 3-1/2" tall.  Width and depth are determined by your cabinet dimensions.
  • Pullout includes "galley" cut scoop handle
  • Pullout shelves ship assembled
  • Pullout shelves ship with UV Cured, clear finish
  • Upgraded pullout shelves are available
  • 1/4" matched material bottom for openings less than 26"
  • 1/2" ply bottom for openings 26" or greater

*All orders will require the completion of the QuikTRAY Worksheet prior to your pullout shelf order being submitted to production.
See how easy the installation is for the QuikTRAY Rollout System and download the installation instructions:

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