Unfinished 1-Piece MDF Drawer Fronts

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Product Description

Unfinished MDF Cabinet Drawer Fronts

Select your drawer fronts and have them shipped, ready to paint

Your price will be calculated based on option selections and size
There is a minimum charge of 1 square foot per drawer front

The illustrations below represent typical drawer fronts.  Drawer fronts are 3/4" thick. 

Select Cabinet Drawer Front
(Model numbers are listed below style pictures)

Select model name/number below image

Slab Front #10 Flat Panel Drawer Front Keystone Flat Panel Drawer Front
Standard Slab Style Drawer Front
3½" x 6" minimum w x h
66½" x 29" Maximum w x h
(horizontal grain)
Machine edge shown
#10 drawer fronts
3" x 3" minimum w x h
Matches Slant raise
(Edge profile as shown Only)
Keystone drawer fronts
2¾" x 2¾" minimum w x h
Matches G-Cove raise
(Edge profile as shown Only)
Slab #10 Keystone

Select Your Drawer Front Edge Profile
(For slab drawer front styles only)

Click on images below for larger image
LC-2 Framing Edge H-2 Framing Edge RC-2 Framing Edge Machine Framing Edge
LC-2 Edge Framing Edge H-2 Edge Framing Edge Machine Edge Framing Edge PRS-2 Framing Edge
LC-2 H-2 Machine Edge* PRS-2*

* indicates edge profiles which can be bored for concealed hinges on cabinet doors
Edges displayed above are computer generated to represent the actual product as closely as possible but may not be exact.  If you are seeking an exact match, contact us for a sample.

Product Warranty Information

Information about Conestoga product and finishing warranties.

Finishing Notes

When ordering unfinished, drawer fronts should be properly prepared prior to applying any finishing products.  Be sure to read and understand the instructions provided by your finish manufacturer.  You may need to perform additional sanding to prepare your products for finishing.

Cabinet doors and drawer fronts are your way to reflect your personal vision on the look and feel of your kitchen.  By selecting new cabinet doors or drawer fronts for new construction or replacements for remodeling, you will find that your kitchen becomes your personal space in a whole new way.  Your custom cabinet doors and drawer fronts are available in a great selection  of wood species which you will finish with your chosen stain, paint or finish. 

If you need sample kitchen doors to try in your home, you may want to buy a full size door which can be used in your project, or you may order any size you prefer. 


Measuring for new or replacement cabinet doors and drawers
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