Sugatsune Adjustable Invisible Hinge

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Product Description

Sugatsune Adjustable Invisible Hinge

Adjustable, Invisible Hinges open a full 180° and adjust horizontally, vertically and for depth.


Dull Chrome

Dull Nickel


Hinge Model HES3D-70 Model HES3D-90
Max. Door Weight/2 Hinges 19.8 lbs 26 lbs
Max. Door Weight/3 Hinges 26.4 lbs 35 lbs


Min. Door Thickness 3/4" 15/16"
Max. Door Size 47 1/4"H x 23 5/8"W 59 1/2"H x 23 5/8"W


Product Features

  • 3 way adjustment function allows verticalhorizontal and depth adjustment after hinge installation
  • Provides flush surface adding clean appearance to the design and includes screw covers
  • 180° swing
  • Supplied with steel flat head screws

Sold per each