Peg Board Drawer Organizer with 12 Pegs

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Product Description

Medium Pegboard Drawer Organizer
With 12 Solid Maple Pegs

With the pegboard and peg kit you can create instant organized storage for all sorts of items with an endless choice of peg combinations.  Use the kits to organize everything from dinner plates to... heck, whatever you want! 

Your kit includes:

  • Solid 5/8" thick maple plywood peg board with UV cured clear finish
    • medium - 30¼"w x 21¼"d x 6-5/8"h
      • includes 12 movable, solid maple pegs with clear finish
      • peg holes are spaced at 2-1/2" (by width and depth)

Just measure the inside of your current pot/pan or other drawer and then order the peg system which would best fit your drawer.  These beautiful pegbpards come in the size above and trimming may be necessary. Uses 5mm inserts

Maple pegboard cabinet and drawer organizer
9 Peg Model Shown
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Sold Each
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