QuikTRAY Rollout System Hook Dowels

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QuikTRAY Rollout System
Hook Dowels
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Hook Dowels For QuikTRAY Rollout System

If you need additional QuikTRAY hook dowels, you can choose from three different styles, depending on your needs.

Hook Dowel Choices:

  • T-506 - Standard hook dowels for all slide types, except undermount (such as Blumotion or Vitus soft-close, self-close slides)

            Std Hook Dowel

  • T-507 - Standard hook dowels with a "built-on" 1/4" spacer.  This can be used in many cases to prevent having to go up in pilaster size.

            Hook Dowels w/Spacer

  • T-508 - This hook dowel is specifically for use with undermount slides such as Blumotion or Vitus, soft-close, self-close slides.

            Hook Dowel undermount

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Minimum order 4 pieces

Special hook dowel screws are NOT included but can added to your selection

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