Spline Joiners for Face Frames

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Product Description

Splines for Joining Cabinets and Custom Face Frames

The spline is a length of "barbed" plastic which, when inserted into a precut slot in two component parts, can then be joined and held together while glue cures, thus eliminating the necessity of clamping.

Spline Usage

Spline insertion diagram for custom face frame

The Spline

Close up of  Spline for custom face frame

Spline Application
Spline joining cabinet side with front face stile Spline joining cabinet top or bottom to front face rail
Spline Joining Front Face to Side Panel Spline Joining Front Face to Top, Bottom or Shelf
Example on left above shows CWSA groove type

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Splines are 3" long, 5/8" wide and approximately 3/16" thick.  These splines can be cut shorter if needed.  Use shorter splines in the four corners of the cabinet front frame.  The full length 3" splines can be positioned at random around the cabinet front frame, keeping them away from the rail groove where the stile and rail meet.  This is only necessary when you have a top, bottom, fixed shelf or a 3" strip attached to it.

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