Unfinished Wood Floating Shelves

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Product Description

Unfinished Wood Floating Shelves

Unfinished custom wood floating shelf

  • Perfect for transitional kitchen, bath and living styles
  • Use floating shelves between cabinets, at the end of a cabinet run or free-standing in any room of the house
  • Floating shelves can be used functionally to store plates, glassware or decorative items in the kitchen
  • Comes complete with all parts neecessary for installation; shelf, hanging brackets, hardware for mounting and instructions


Offered in Cherry, Hickory, Maple, Red Oak, Alder and Paint Grade, these floating shelves are shipped unfinished and ready for you to apply your finish.  Measuring 2-1/2" thick, 10" deep and in lengths from 24" to 48" wide, these functional shelves are an attractive way to add a modern flair to your home's interior decor.

Unfinished custom wood floating shelf Floating custom wood shelf mounting system
Unfinished custom wood floating shelf

Each floating shelf consists of an inner support frame and an outer shelf that slides into place over the support frame, the two elements are not sold individually. 

Model Wood Length
HDL.NPFS0124CUF.1 Cherry 24"
HDL.NPFS0124HUF.1 Hickory 24"
HDL.NPFS0124MUF.1 Maple 24"
HDL.NPFS0124OUF.1 Red Oak 24"
HDL.NPFS0124QUF.1 Alder 24"
HDL.NPFS0124XUF.1 Paint Grade 24"
HDL.NPFS0130CUF.1 Cherry 30"
HDL.NPFS0130HUF.1 Hickory 30"
HDL.NPFS0130MUF.1 Maple 30"
HDL.NPFS0130OUF.1 Red Oak 30"
HDL.NPFS0130QUF.1 Alder 30"
HDL.NPFS0130XUF.1 Paint Grade 30"
HDL.NPFS0136CUF.1 Cherry 36"
HDL.NPFS0136HUF.1 Hickory 36"
HDL.NPFS0136MUF.1 Maple 36"
HDL.NPFS0136OUF.1 Red Oak 36"
HDL.NPFS0136QUF.1 Alder 36"
HDL.NPFS0136XUF.1 Paint Grade 36"
HDL.NPFS0142CUF.1 Cherry 42"
HDL.NPFS0142HUF.1 Hickory 42"
HDL.NPFS0142MUF.1 Maple 42"
HDL.NPFS0142OUF.1 Red Oak 42"
HDL.NPFS0142QUF.1 Alder 42"
HDL.NPFS0142XUF.1 Paint Grade 42"
HDL.NPFS0148CUF.1 Cherry 48"
HDL.NPFS0148HUF.1 Hickory 48"
HDL.NPFS0148MUF.1 Maple 48"
HDL.NPFS0148OUF.1 Red Oak 48"
HDL.NPFS0148QUF.1 Alder 48"
HDL.NPFS0148XUF.1 Paint Grade 48"

Support frame

  • Manufactured to support 15 pounds per running foot of shelf length.
  • Easy to follow mounting instructions contain specific information about how to mount*


  • Solid wood and wood veneer construction (paint grade is poplar and mdf)
  • Unfinished, sanded and ready to use
  • Shelf thickness/height is 2-1/2"
  • Shelf depth is 10" and is trimmable down to 2" minimum

Special Note:

*While floating shelves are built from strong, sturdy materials, the listed load capacity of these shelves is greatly dependent on the quality of the installation screws and whether the shelves are secured into the wall studs.  If not secured into two or more studs using high quality installation screws, the shelf may not support the desired weight.  We will not be responsible for shelf failure due to inadequate installation techniques or materials.

Download Installation Instructions

Normally ships within 1 business day