1-1/4" QuikTRAY Rollout System

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Product Description

QuikTRAY Rollout System
Hardware Pack
(See contents of pack below)

QuikTRAY Rollout System will use any popular slide

How can you convert your hidden under counter storage to usable space with a roll out shelf?  Easy, with the "Simple solution...".  When you need a quick tray, use the QuikTRAY Rollout System. 

Call it rollout shelving, pullout shelving, storage drawers, quicktray...whatever you want.  It still makes those hard to reach areas reachable.

Package Contents

Here is everything you need (trays/shelves and drawer slides sold seperately) to mount two rollout shelves in a single cabinet opening (std opening height is 20 to 26"). No worries about how to make it work. Just follow the simple instructions and enjoy your shelving.

4 - QuikTRAY Support Pilasters (Per size selected)
8 - T-506 Hook Dowels for Machine Screw (For Side Mount Ball Bearing Or Epoxy Slides)
8 - T-508 Hook Dowels for Machine Screw (For Undermount Concealed Slides)
8 - HAR-031 6-32 x 3/8 Machine Screw
20 - HAR-020 #6 x 7/16“ Pan Head Phillips Zinc Screw
1 - INS-015 Instruction Sheet

Download the QuikTRAY Rollout System Brochure

 View the QuikTRAY Video

Use our QuikTRAY Worksheet to collect your measurements and then submit your dimensions and obtain your properly sized product specifications.

Download your QuikTRAY Worksheet by choosing from these two types of cabinets
Single and double door with no mullion Double door with mullion
QuikTRAY Worksheet for single door
or double door with no mullion
QuikTRAY Worksheet for double door
with mullion

QuikTRAY Rollout System Help Files and Videos

Watch the video on Ron Hazelton's House Calls Show

Click on Ron's banner to see the QuikTRAY installation

Ron Hazelton

How much can these QuikTRAY Rollout Systems hold? 

QuikTRAY Weight Capacity


Here are some pictures of the QuikTRAY and custom shelves installed in a peninsula cabinet.  Remember, all shelves/pullouts are sold seperately!

Single door installation Single door installation 2
Cabinet with two pullout trays Pullout corner bumpers work!
Inside view Support Post Use
Trays installed in a 2 door cabinet w/center post Here is the support post installed


All of the images demonstrate the use of the QuikTRAY Rollout System parts along with our custom maple pullout shelves (sold seperately).  The bottom photos demonstrates the use of the QuikTRAY support post on a double door cabinet with a center mullion.

Take a look at some of our Customer Homes

LM. Arizona    LM. Arizona

LM. Arizona    LM. Arizona

LM. Arizona    LM. Arizona

Great job on these cabinet modifications!  Yours can look just like these! 

Lance M. in Arizona, made the same cabinet modifications as shown on Ron Hazelton's House Calls.  He cut out the center divider, attached it to one of the doors and then installed his custom built double width pullout trays and accessories by QuikDrawers.com.  Lance spent less than $600 to complete his project.

See how simple the installation is for the QuikTRAY Rollout System and download the installation instructions (standard set installation shown):

Sold per set