QuikTRAY Rollout System Center Support Post

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Product Description

QuikTRAY Rollout System
Center Support Post - Standard
(See contents of pack below)

QuikTRAY Center Partition Support

For use behind a center face frame cabinet support and at the back of the cabinet. 


  • Tool free shelf adjustment
  • For use with face frame or frameless cabinets
  • Can be used with any standard cabinet and any brand of drawer slide
  • Cabinet center support must be 2-1/2" minimum width
  • Maximizes storage space efficiency and ease of use
  • Easy installation
  • Beige or white

Each set contains:

·          2 - QuikTRAY Supports 20”h x 2-1/2"w x 2-1/2"d
·          8 - #6 x 7/16“ Pan Head Phillips Zinc Screw

Download the QuikTRAY Rollout System Brochure

View the QuikTRAY video

Use our QuikTRAY Worksheet to collect your measurements and then submit your dimensions and obtain your results.

Download your QuikTRAY Worksheet by choosing from these two types of cabinets
Single and double door with no mullion Double door with mullion
QuikTRAY Worksheet for single door
or double door with no mullion
QuikTRAY Worksheet for double door
with mullion


See how simple the installation is for the QuikTRAY Rollout System and download the installation instructions (standard set installation shown):