Refacer's Soft Close Compact Hinge 22855-10sft

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Product Description

Refacer's Concealed Hinges
For Face Frame Cabinets

These hinges are specifically designed to be used if a cabinet refacer uses 1/4" solid wood molding for refacing the cabinet boxes.  This hinge has the mounting holes slight offset so that the mounting screw will not try and go in between the reface material and the existing face frame.


Minimum purchase: 4

Questions? Visit the Cabinet Hinge Glossary

  • 6-way Cam- Adjustable Face-Frame Hinge 1/2" Overlay
  • Available with or without dowels or Easy-Fix dowels
    • 22855-11 - With Easy-Fix dowel
    • 22855-12 - With press-in dowels
    • Finish: Nickel Plated **PATENT PENDING**