Blum 33 Hinge Mounting Plate

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Product Description

Blum Compact 33 Mounting Plates

To be used with the Blum 33 face frame compact hinge

  • Designed for use with Blum 33 compact
  • A pozi screwdriver is recommended for securing the hinge to the mounting plate
  • Mounting plates are required
   Plate Model Finish Overlay
Blum 33 Edge mount plate B130.1100.24NI Nickel 1/4"
B130.1100.23NI Nickel 1/2"
B130.1100.26NI Nickel 5/8"
B130.1100.22NI Nickel 3/4"
B130.1100.02NI Nickel 1"
Blum 33 wrap around plate B130.1120.02NI Nickel 1-1/8"
B130.1130.02NI Nickel 1-1/4"
B130.1140.02NI Nickel 1-3/8"
B130.1150.02NI Nickel 1-1/2"
B130.1160.02NI Nickel 1-5/8"
Blum 33 Face mount plate B133.0240NI Nickel 1-3/8"+ Overlay

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