Blum Soft Close for Compact Hinges

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Product Description

Blumotion for Compact Hinges

Add Blumotion to your cabinet doors with compact hinges


For doors with overlay less than 1" For doors with overlay greater than 1"
Blumotion for cabinet doors with compact hinges Blumotion for doors over 1" overlay


  • Designed for use with Blum or other compact hinges
  • Offers the same quality of motion as Blum drawer systems with Blumotion
  • Adjustable for various door sizes and weights
  • Installs on the hinge side of the cabinet
  • Nickel plated zinc die cast construction
  • Select model for less than or greater than 1" overlay

Spacer for Partial Overlay

Partial overlay doors, less than 1", will require the spacer (as shown above)

Minimum purchase qty - 4

Download the Blumotion for Doors Brochure or the Blumotion for Doors Installation Instructions

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