Economy False Drawer Front Clip

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Product Description

False Front Clip - Turnbuckle Style

Locks with just a twist!

This is perfect for the apartment and multi-unit housing industry!

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Economy false front clip - turnbuckle style

Economy false front clip - turnbuckle style

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1" Screws for turnbuckle false front clip included (2 per set)*

Turnbuckle false front clip screw
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How to install the turnbuckle style false front connector - clip

Mark center on one end  Mark center on the other end  Connect mid-point marks with pencil line 
Make pencil mark on one
end at midpoint of height 
Make pencil mark on the
other end at midpoint
of height  
Connect the two pencil
marks with solid pencil line 
Alignment marks on back of drawer front  Position the turnbuckle clips with screw holes directly on center line  Install 1" pan head wood screw 
You should have a solid pencil
line from one end to the other 
Place clips with screw
holes directly over the
pencil line 
Snuggly screw in a 1"
wood screw to hold
clip in place
Turn both clips approximately 45 degrees until in position  Turnbuckle false drawer front connector in place   Turnbuckle false drawer front connectors
You will turn both of the
attached clips approximately
45° to install
Turn clip back to upright
once it has been placed
in position
Turnbuckle brackets are
packaged per pair 

*Drawer front thickness must be greater than 1/2" to prevent penetration of screw.  Be sure to verify prior to attaching your false front clips

No matter what you call them, false front clip, false front connector, fake front fastener, dummy front fastener, panel fastener or whatever you choose, these clips can save you headaches and hours of backbreaking labor.  If you have ever had to attach a panel to the front of a sink cabinet, then you know what we mean.

Just attach one of these turnbuckle connectors to each end of your false drawer front or panel and then just position the front panel and reach under to spin the turnbuckle to lock it into place.  This is ideal when your sink has already been installed and you only have a little bit of room to work.

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QuikDrawers is an authorized distributor of Tenn-Tex fine products and we look forward to hearing from you.

This clip requires a minimum opening height of 4½"

A 1" pan head screw is recommended for 3/4" thick drawer fronts.  Be sure to verify your screw length to insure that it will not penetrate the face of your drawer front.

Screws are included (2 per set)

Minimum purchase 3 pair

Sold as sets, enough to do 1 drawer front

*Drawer front thickness must be greater than 1/2" to prevent penetration of screw.  Be sure to verify prior to attaching your false front clips