Lama Hinge Frameless Mounting Plate

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Product Description

Hinge mounting plate fits most Titus/Lama, Jfh or Amerock Frameless long arm hinges

LT244.1233, LT244.1234, LT244.0P27, LT244.0118, LT244.0119 & LT244.3651
Lama Frameless Mounting Plate


Model Description Size
LT244.1233 Wood screw not premounted 0mm
LT244.1234 Wood screw premounted 3mm
LT244.0P27 Expando 3mm
LT244.0118 System screw 0mm
LT244.0119 System screw 3mm
LT244.3651 Wood screw premounted 9mm

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Your "clip on" hinge, "long arm" hinge or "two piece" hinge, no matter what you call it, will require the use of a mounting plate to complete the installation of your hinge.

The Lama hinge mounting plate is one of the best mounting plates on the market today, compatible with many brands of long arm hinges.  These mounting plates are for "face frame" cabinet construction only.

Cabinet Construction Styles

Selection of the hinge mounting plate will determine the amount of "overlap" or "overlay" of a cabinet door.

Sold each, minimum purchase 4

Most Common" Plate is the 3mm

Questions? Visit the Cabinet Hinge Glossary