Other Charges


20% Rush Upcharge

Upcharge for expediting selected manufacturer's drawers/doors..

Add Scoop Handle on 10-Pack Pullout Shelves

Upgrade 10 pack of pullout shelves

Add Scoop Handle on 5-Pack Pullout Shelves

Upgrade 5 pack of pullout shelves

Add Scoop Handle on Single Pullout

Add scoop handle to single unit

Code Blue Upcharge - 5 to 9 day turn

Upcharge for expediting famous maker doors..

Code Red 50% Upcharge 3 to 5 turn

This is the charge for expedited "code red" orders..

Custom Stain Match

Custom match Conestoga doors

Cut-Out SlidingSusan for 2 Tier Shelf

Cut out rear of SlidingSusan for 2 Tier Drawer

Minimum Prism Paint Charge

Anything less than 4 sq ft

Order Cancellation Charge

Cancel after parts cut

Simple Change Order

Change order, per customer request..