Youngdale Hinge Slot for doors (Non-RTF)

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Product Description

Slotting for Youngdale hidden knife hinges

  • Knife Hinge Slot is 9/32" wide, 37/64" deep and 1-3/4" long.
  • Placement is 3" from edge of door to the center of slot.
  • Doors 9"– 35-15/16" receive two slots.
  • Doors 36"– 51-15/16" receive three slots with third slot centered.
  • Doors 52" and greater receive four slots with center slots spaced evenly between outside slots.
  • Knife Hinge Slot will accommodate the following hinges:
    • Youngdale: 5 and 6 hinge
  • Available with the following edge profiles only: B-2, C-2, CFP-2,
    • E-2, H-2, J-2, L-034, L-120, L-149, L-281, L-297, L-382, L-772,
    • L-803, L-1160, LC-2, LC-Inset, Machine Edge, PRS-2 and V-2.
  • Not available on framing less than 2-5/16" in width or with cut down framing option.
  • Frame only and mullion designs require minimum framing width or 2-3/4".
  • Not available in frame only or mullion designs, doors under 9" high, Batten doors, CRP-10605 and CWS-10446.