Blum Long Arm Hinge Swing Restrictor

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Product Description

Blum Clip-on or Long Arm Hinge Restriction Clip

This is a great solution to prevent doors from opening into walls or other cabinets, if the cause is the door swinging too wide.

Designed to work with the Blum 110 degree Long Arm or Clip On Hinges, these Restrictor Clips limit the opening angle of the door to 86 degrees

Ideal for corner cabinets, adjacent cabinets whose doors open against one another, or any other cabinet where obstacles near the door would be damaged by the knob during opening.
Simply clip it on and put an end to your worries about damaging your cabinet doors. 

Technical Details: 

  • Restrictor clip limits opening angle of door to 86 degrees.
  • Made of plastic
  • Easy clip-on installation
  • Use one clip per hinge
  • Use only with the Blum 110 degree Clip On or Long Arm hinge 

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Blum 110 degree Clip On or Long Arm restriction clip

How the Blum compact hinge restrictor clip is installed...
(Follow same instructions as shown below with the Blum 38N compact hinge)

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