Blum Soft-Close Add On For Long Arm Hinges

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Product Description

For Straight Arm Hinge

     Perfecting a new side of silence. The new tool free Blumotion 973A can be installed on the hinge during manufacturing, assembly or as a retro fit application. For straight arm.

  • For straight arm hinges including: Cliptop 107°, Cliptop 120°, Cliptop thick door, Cliptop 120° aluminum frame, Clip 100° and Clip 107°
  • Automatically adjusts to the closing force of the door
  • Nickel plated steel construction
  • Simple attachment for Blum hinges
  • Designed for one Blumotion per hinge (see application)
  • Quantity may vary depending on door size and weight - trial application recommended
  • May not work with older Blum hinges

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Minimum Purchase 4
Model: B973A500.01