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Custom Products and Finishing Disclaimers

Product Warranty Information

Cabinet Doors, Drawers and Other Custom Products

The Cabinet Guy and QuikDrawers warrant all products through the specific manufacturers of the products which we offer.  The manufacturer's warranty will be source for remedies for all product warranty claims.  Listed below are specific warranty guidelines which pertain to all of our custom built and/or finished products.  If you have any specific questions, please submit an inquiry or call us toll-free at 866-937-7429, Mon-Fri, 8am until 4pm, Central time.

The Cabinet Guy and QuikDrawers will not be held responsible for job or project delays caused by process errors, shipping errors or any other circumstances outside of our direct control.  Under no circumstances will The Cabinet Guy and QuikDrawers be liable for any charges beyond the original cost of products and/or shipping.

Conestoga Wood Specialties Products

The Cabinet Guy and QuikDrawers is an authorized distributor for Conestoga Wood Products.  As such, we support Conestoga's product specifications and warranties as they specifically apply to their products.

The Cabinet Guy and QuikDrawers along with Conestoga offers the same tolerance considerations for all custom built products.  We will warrant all products custom produced to be within 1/16" of ordered dimensions.  Failure to maintain this tolerance will allow for replacement or refund at our option.  Return shipping charges will be the responsibility until the product has been verified to have been constructed in error.  At the time that this is determined, a refund will be processed for actual shipping charges (transportation charges only).

Conestoga Wood Specialties warrants all manufactured products for one year from the date of shipment.  Conestoga finishes carry a one year limited warranty against peeling, blistering or cracking but no warranty against discoloration.  Conestoga assumes no responsibility for damages or poor color match when finish is applied by the customer.

Most wood species will naturally darken with age. Conestoga will not be held liable for the change in appearance of any product, finished or unfinished, due to this aging process.

Conestoga recommends that a finished sample door be purchased prior to ordering any finished job. We do not suggest ordering large or complex finished product based on a sample color swatch.

Read the Conestoga Finishing Program pdf file for important information about the finishing process.

  • Allowable tolerances for warpage and twist for five piece doors are:
  • Up to 25-15/16" wide and 47-15/16" high - 1/8"
  • Up to 25-15/16" wide and 48" to 64-15/16" high - 1/4"
  • Up to 25-15/16" wide and 65" to 83-15/16" high - 5/16"
  • Any door exceeding 25-15/16" wide or 83-15/16" high will not be warranted.
  • Allowable tolerances for contraction, expansion and warpage for one and three piece products are:
  • Up to 12" wide and 21-15/16" high - 1/8"
  • 12-1/16" to 22" wide or 22" to 43-15/16" high - 1/4"
  • Any one piece product exceeding 22" wide or 43-15/16" high will not be warranted
  • All three piece products over 30" wide and 14" high are not warranted

QuikDrawers and Conestoga are not liable for damages caused by use in a hostile environment, improper handling or storage. This warranty does not cover any problems related to customer neglect including, but not limited to: storing of unfinished product over an extended time, customer unavailable when product delivered (i.e. left outside per customer instructions) and inadequate surface prep (including sanding). All shortages, incorrect sizes and damage due to shipping must be reported within 7 working days of shipment date.

Painted Products Information and Warranties

Conestoga uses some of the finest materials in the industrial finishing community.  Please read and keep in mind that despite the best processes, equipment and materials, problems may occur and some inherent properties of wood may produce some unforeseen or unwanted results.  Not all of these are considered defects.  Many of these tendencies are simply characteristics of the wood and/or process and are considered not defective.  This pertains to such things as fracturing finish at joint lines.  Due to natural products tendencies to expand and contract at different rates, hairline fracturing will occur at joints and seams and is considered natural and not a defect.

Primed Products

  • Conestoga’s primed products receive one coat of putty prior to application of primer.  Smaller voids will become apparent after the primer has been applied. These voids are acceptable and will require a second coat of putty by the customer prior to painting.
  • Conestoga’s primed products are subject to some natural grain raise during the priming process, which is not considered defective. Normal sanding preparation for topcoat application will remove these wood fibers.
  • Conestoga’s primed products are manufactured using substrate materials that will expand and contract with fluctuations in climate, temperature and humidity. The movement of the substrate will cause fracturing anywhere sub-components have been joined together.
  • This fracturing is not considered defective and will most likely occur in the following areas:
    ♦ Framing joints – where the stiles meet the rails on the face and back of doors, five piece drawer fronts, wainscot panels and front frames.
    ♦ Edge profiles – in both mitered and mortise and tenon joint construction at the exterior edges of the product.
    ♦ Center panels – where the panel recesses into the framing. Bridging of the coating materials can occur between the panel and framing. Natural expansion and contraction of the substrate may fracture the bridging.
    ♦ Panel face – when individual adjacent staves in the panel expand and contract at different rates causing minor offsets or highlighting of glue joints.
  • Conestoga will not warranty any topcoats to be compatible with our primer material. Testing for compatibility and adhesion should take place prior to applying any topcoat to a primed door.
  • Conestoga assumes no responsibility for incorrect application of topcoats by the customer resulting in poor adhesion, color match or other finish related problems.
  • Primed products are individually wrapped minimizing scuff marks.
  • Individually wrapped products are grouped and packaged to add rigidity and minimize the possibility of shipping damage.


  • Colourtones are opaque finishes, similar in appearance to paint. The coatings are pigmented basecoats that must be catalyzed prior to application. Conestoga utilizes air-assisted, airless spray equipment to apply these coatings. Colourtones require the application of a clear coat of conversion varnish as the final coat.
  • Colourtones have a high solids content, resulting in better build and lower VOC emissions.
  • We recommend adding the antiquing option when Colourtones are ordered with Cherry. Characteristics common to Cherry, such as pin knots, mineral and pitch pockets will be present in finished products. Refer to the Offering and Availability chart in this section for species, finish and glaze availability.
  • All Colourtone finishes will receive a 15° topcoat.
  • Veneer checking and seam separation are inherent characteristics of plywood that may appear to be cracks within the coating. These are caused by changes within the veneer and will not be considered defective.
  • Because Colourtones contain a high percentage of solids, certain characteristics such as joint fracturing will occur. Hairline cracks typically develop along joints on the face, back and edge profiles and can occur during normal handling or from the expansion and contraction of wood. Joint fracturing is not considered to be a defect.

Colourtones with Glazes

  • Colourtones receiving the glazed option will have slight inconsistencies in appearance. Variations, however slight, are inherent to this finish combination. To successfully market this product, education of your production personnel, installers, sales staff, designers and clients must take place. Conestoga will not offer no charge replacements for any of the reasons previously listed.
  • Characteristics of glazed finishes include variations in:
    ♦ Glaze “hang” with noticeable variations on edge profiles, panel raises and applied mouldings.
    ♦ Absorption into end grain on framing and panel raises.
    ♦ Highlighting of machined areas, which normally do not appear with typical wiping stains or base Colourtone colors.
    ♦ Appearance of blotches and rag marks.
    ♦ Glazed Colourtones will remain within a controlled range of color, however, individual pieces will vary slightly.
  • As with any Colourtone product, we do not recommend ordering plywood panel doors or other veneered products due the inherent cracking and checking that takes place in veneers. Veneer checking will not be considered a finishing defect.
  • Use of glazes on mitered and applied moulding products will greatly enhance any offset that may be present in the joint construction.
  • MDF doors finished with Colourtones and glazes will have noticeable variations in glaze hang and absorption on profiled areas. Machined areas may contain small pinholes that are highlighted by the glaze and will not be considered defects.
  • The machining of end grain on certain profiles may result in those surfaces being somewhat porous and the finish on these surfaces may not be as full as the finish on the flat areas. This will cause the glaze to be darker on these areas than on the flat surfaces.

Prism Paints Program

  • The Prism Paint Program offers a selection of nearly 1,100 available opaque colors. Colors are chosen from a fan pack available from Conestoga. An order is then placed for a sample door finished in the chosen color. We do not recommend placing an order for a project based on the color represented in the fan pack. Conestoga assumes no responsibility for color issues resulting from customers placing orders for entire projects based on the color represented by the fan pack.
  • The coatings are acid catalyzed, pigmented basecoats, much like the Colourtone products. Conestoga applies them utilizing air-assisted airless spray technology. These coatings do require the application of a coat of clear conversion varnish as the final coat.
  • Prism paints are available on Standard Hard Maple, Paint Grade Hard Maple, and MDF.
  • The hybrid door has Paint Grade Hard Maple framing with an MDF panel and is also available with Prism Paints.
  • Catalyst must be added to all Prism Paints prior to application. The catalyzation process results in both a limited pot life and a recoat window. Mixture and application instructions are provided near the end of this section.
  • Conestoga assumes no responsibility for incorrect application of Prism Paint materials by customers, which may result in poor adhesion, color match or other finish related failures.
  • We recommend that any topcoat other than Duraguard products be tested for compatibility prior to application.

End Grain Sealing

  • End grain sealer is a water-based product that is applied to the end grain of the panel raise resulting in a more uniform appearance between the panel end grain and the side grain of profiled areas of finished doors and drawer fronts.
  • The end grain sealing option for panels may be made available on all published species and panel raises.
  • End grain sealing option may be available on stains and glazed finishes; Colourtones, primer and Prism Paints are not available.
  • This option may be available on the #10, Keystone, 10141, Marcel, Douglass, 1-1/8" Sandwich and 1-1/2" Sandwich one piece drawer fronts.

DuraGuard System Disclaimers

• Conestoga’s finishes are industrial in nature, unlike finishes purchased at a retail store. Although
they are of higher quality than most finishes, Conestoga’s coatings are also more combustible,
more volatile and require a greater level of expertise to apply.
• Due to the complexities involved with any finishing process, Conestoga will not be liable for
any damages or injuries resulting from the use of this product, even if every precaution is taken
by the customer. Conestoga’s liability is limited to the original purchase price of the finishing
• In order to best match any DuraGuard finish color, it is important to follow the processes outlined
in our instruction documents. These instructions are found in this section of the manual. If the
proper steps are not followed, the finished product may not match the finished doors that were
purchased from Conestoga. However, please bear in mind that following these procedures will
not always guarantee an exact match.
• Due to the many variables involved in any finishing process, Conestoga assumes no responsibility
if products finished by the customer using the DuraGuard system do not produce an exact match
to prefinished products purchased from Conestoga.
• The DuraGuard Finishing System is scientifically designed so that each of the materials, from
base coat to topcoat, work with one another, thereby providing a beautiful protective finish for
our customer’s products. Finishing products not sold by Conestoga may react unfavorably to the
DuraGuard finishing materials causing poor topcoat adhesion, discoloration or other problems.

Stained Finishing Product Information and Warranties

Finishing Warranties

  • Conestoga’s finishes carry a one year limited warranty against peeling, blistering or cracking, but no warranty against discoloration. Conestoga assumes no responsibility for damages or poor color match when finish is applied by the customer.
  • Most wood species will naturally darken with age. Conestoga will not be held liable for the change in appearance of any product, finished or unfinished, due to this aging process.
  • Conestoga recommends that a finished sample door be ordered prior to ordering any finished job. We do not suggest ordering large or complex finished product based on small sample swatches.

Wiping Stains

  • All Conestoga wiping stains are applied using a hand rubbed application. The process provides superior grain penetration of the finish material and a greater degree of depth in the finished product.
  • Whiter stains such as Alpine are not available over certain darker, high contrast species such as Walnut, Lyptus or Mahogany.
  • Conestoga does not recommend darker finishes such as Colonial, Cordovan or Washington Cherry over light species such as Hard Maple or Soft Maple. The contrast, as well as the properties of Maple, creates a blotchy, uneven look. Therefore, these combinations are Not Recommended (NR), but can still be produced with a 20% upcharge and no warranty on color consistency.
  • Because Conestoga uses wiping stains, and wiping stains penetrate the wood, end grain will stain and glaze darker than other areas of the piece. This will not be considered defective.


  • All Conestoga glazes are applied using a hand rubbed application process to the entire surface of both the face and back of every door.
  • Glazing is a very subjective treatment. Each door becomes “one-of-a-kind” and unique in its appearance. Even though Conestoga matches every glazed door to a control sample, each door will take glaze differently. Color consistency is more difficult to control on glazed products. Some of the factors influencing color consistency are door design, profiles, grain patterns, wood density, stain color, thickness of the sealer coat, sealer sanding and overall size of the piece.
  • Glazed products will vary in appearance. Conestoga considers these slight variations acceptable and will not warrant variations of glazes.
  • We recommend that our customers develop a document that would be read and signed by the end user indicating their understanding of the potential color issues with stain/glaze and Colourtone/glaze combinations. Such a document will help protect all parties in the event of a color-based issue.
  • We strongly recommend that a sample door be ordered prior to ordering a full kitchen, regardless of the finish and specie combination.
  • Conestoga maintains strict standards for its glazing process. With this in mind, Conestoga will not “custom” glaze a job. Therefore, we offer only our standard glazing options.
  • Glazes significantly alter the appearance of a stain/specie combination. An attractive finish may look quite different once glazed. With this in mind, we do not recommend certain glaze combinations, and some combinations are not available. See the Offering and Availability charts in this section for details.
  • Conestoga’s standard glaze offering is available in combination with some custom finish matches. For availability of glazing over custom stains, contact your customer service representative.

Be sure to contact us with any specific questions about products you are considering.